Trump’s very first ever “State of the Union” last night thoughts… all that did was prove that Democrats and the hardcore left despises America…

Yes, I watched Trump’s very first “State of the Union” speech last night and man, like everyone else, I’m blown away! I’m so glad and very happy that I voted Trump. No regrets at all voting the man in office and I’ll gladly vote for him again in 2020! That speech made me very proud to be an American.

Obama turned America into a negative direction and Trump’s goal is that he wants to turn America into a positive direction. We’re on our way there! How did Obama turn America into a negative direction? Well, he came pretty close to destroying the country’s economy for starters. He divided the country between political parties the right and the left. He also divided blacks and whites again when it comes to race relations. Obama made it okay to hate the police and he made it okay to hate religion and the military. All Obama did was ram Islam down our throats throughout the 8 years of his presidency and he tried to put illegal aliens before the American people. Not only that… Obama is a criminal and fraud. He committed too many gov. crimes and got away with all of them (Benghazi, Operation F &F, Fake birth certificate, etc.). Trump wants to reverse everything Obama has done to us and Trump is doing a good job of that so far.

The economy is in good shape again which feels nice and so refreshing yet Democrats sat down when Trump tried to explain how the economy is good in this country. Democrats even sat down when Trump said that African-American unemployment is now pretty low. They sat down when Trump was talking about tax cuts which are helping big businesses and small businesses in the country.

Democrats sat down throughout most of the SOTU. It was pathetic. I always knew that Democrats were pretty bad politicians, but this time they were the worst ever. They were so rude and disrespectful to sit down through all of Trump’s guests. Why did they sit down for the families of the two girls that were murdered by MS-13? They were a black family and Democrats didn’t stand up for them. Shameful. I thought black lives mattered to the Democrats? I guess not! Black lives only matters to them when a white cop kills a black criminal. When a criminal kills a black person that doesn’t matter to them.

Democrats sat down when Trump was honoring military heroes such as Ashlee Leppert… you want to look at courageous and empowering women… look no further. Democrats are all about being courageous and empowering well they didn’t stand for what Leppert has done. She rescued people from hurricane ruins and she rescued a woman by helicopter… the women Ashlee rescued had four children with her. Appalling that Democrats sat down for that.

Democrats sat down for a cop who adopted a baby and the baby’s mother was addicted to opioids. That was a powerful story and Democrats didn’t stand for that. They also didn’t stand for Preston Sharp, that young boy who placed American flags at soldiers grave.

They sat down to other military heroes and sat down when Trump was talking about the two North Korea captives. Ya know… Otto Warmbier and Seong-Ho. The Seong-Ho story was the most inspiring, though. Democrats were disrespectful pieces of shits to sit down for them.

The guests that Trump had at his SOTU were the real heroes and Democrats disrespected them. The mainstream media or “Fake News” media are disrespecting them right now. I’m seeing some media outlets trashing them already.

The Democrats sat throughout the whole SOTU. The whole thing was obviously planned out by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The facial expressions on those two last night were priceless, though. I had a good laugh watching them. Bernie’s facial expressions were hilarious too.

With all this being said, this was Trump’s best speech. This is why we elected the man. Trump is 100% pro-America just like most of us Americans. That’s the only reason why the left hates Trump and his supporters ’cause they know we love America. The left really showed their true colors last night. They are evil and despicable people. Welp, looks like they’re gonna get voted out on Nov. 6th later this year. I hate to take sides like this but after last night, it’s a good time to take sides. I’ll never vote Democrat ever again.

When Democrats and the left hate Trump, it’s not about his policies and ides at all. It’s not about Donald Trump when the left hates. It’s America that the left hates. The thing is the left are still living under the delusion of Obama’s America, that’s the problem. Well this isn’t Obama’s America anymore so get over it. This is not Trump’s America either. This is our America and Trump made that clear last night. America is for all of us. It’s amazing to me that Democrats sat down throughout most of it, even the good stuff.

I look at all of this going on at the SOTU last night and I ask myself, “Jesus, the left really takes those Democrats seriously?”.

I guess you can say that I can support the Republican Party after last night. They looked really happy. I never saw Republicans that happy before. That’s how amazing of a man Donald Trump is, he knows how to work with people. If only Democrats would ever get off their high horse and unite with us ’cause we really need that. It’s going be hard to get Democrats and the left to unite but Trump will figure it out somehow. This “left vs. right” bullshit gotta end sometime. It’s getting old, ya know? I do know Republicans used to be pretty bad but now they are awesome. It took Trump a while to get Republicans on the Trump Train. There are some Republicans that still hate him though like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and a few others but screw them.

More people saw that Trump isn’t such a bad man after all and we love him even more now. It was such a great speech. Best SOTU I’ve seen in years. Trump gets better and better with his speeches each time. I always loved to listen to him. He’s such a good speaker.

Be ready for the midterms on Nov. 6th and vote all red. Democrats are done. To all you leftards who supported those Democrat politicians, I hope you feel proud of yourselves. The left has always been horrible at supporting politicians. They always support the wrong people. We on the right are good at it. We know who is right for the country and Donald Trump is that man.


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