Today the FISA Memo could get released any time today…

Well the White House and Trump announced the news that they will release the FISA Memo anytime today. I got up early this morning to wait for it to come. No Memo out yet but I’m sure it will come out later today. Mark this day 2/2/2018 as “Release the Memo” day. Today is gonna be a historic day where criminals in government will finally be exposed. This is what “Draining the Swamp” looks like, y’all.

If the FBI, DOJ and Democrat politicians are all scared to death of this Memo then they’re probably on it. They all had a hand in spying on Trump during the 2016 elections probably. I hope more government crimes will get a mention on the Memo like Benghazi and Operation F&F possibly. We’ll have to wait and see what’s on it. This Memo will finally prove that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are criminals too.

When the Memo gets released today, I’ll read it and give my thoughts on it. Should be interesting. Today is not gonna be a good day for the left. This Memo could finally bring down Barack and Hillary. Lock ’em both up! Long overdue too. Lock everyone else responsible too. Lock ’em all up!

The left is already panicking and attacking the right-wing community like mad about this. Just wait until the Memo comes out and see how the left reacts. They’re gonna get all fired up, I’m tellin’ ya so get the popcorn ready. The shits about to hit the fan!


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