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The FISA Memo is here… FBI and DOJ corrupt to the core like we’ve all been saying…

If you want to know what Nune’s FISA Memo is all about then you should read the real thing which is posted right here. Don’t read about the FISA Memo through the media and liberal social networking groups ’cause all they’re gonna to do is spin the truth and make lies about Republicans. These Democrats and lefties will never take responsibility for themselves. Each time they get caught doing something stupid, they always rush in to defend themselves like they’re doing now.

Like I said, don’t read about the Memo through the media ’cause they just want to paint a different picture and brainwash you.

Read the real thing and make your own judgements:


I’ve read the FISA Memo twice and it’s crazy stuff. No surprise, though. We always knew that the FBI and DOJ were corrupt to the core. Now we finally have the facts to prove that. No doubt, Barack Obama messed up the FBI and DOJ. Federal law is broken now ’cause of him.

The memo shows that the FBI, DOJ, DNC, Hillary Clinton and the media all colluded with each other to try and sabotage the Trump campaign. The Steele dossier which is a group of documents that includes the already proven fake Russia collusion, but the FISA courts went ahead and approved the warrants anyways. The Memo also shows that Comey knew the information in the Steele dossier were unverified. Hillary and the DNC helped pay for the Dossier. The Steele dossier is phony, we all knew that. No evidence of the Trump/Russia collusion and the FBI knew that. They all did.

There are also other crazy stuff in the Memo too. Comey and McCabe signing away the FISA surveillance applications. There were others that signed the FISA applications too especially Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein. Steele lying on the FISA application about not providing information to Yahoo news when he did. All the stuff with Page/Strzok plotting against Trump. All a bunch of crazy shit.

All these people involved in spying on Carter Page, Trump and the rest of the Trump campaign needs to be locked up. This is a pretty serious Federal crime and they’re all looking at years and years behind bars. Lock ’em all up… that includes Obama, Clinton and Holder. Yes, that Eric Holder. No wonder Eric Holder was freakin’ out about this on his twitter, lmao!

I’ve been saying all along for many years on my blogs that the Obama administration and the Clintons are corrupt to the core. I spent years and years trying to wake everybody up and all people did over the years was laugh at me. They just ignored me and called me nasty names like call me a conspiracy theorist and bat-shit crazy right-winger. Do you believe me now?

Obama was who the media and the left elected in office. Hillary Clinton was the one who the media and the left wanted in office in 2016. The Deep State tried to make Trump lose the election but they failed miserably obviously. They tried to control Trump but they couldn’t. They failed at that too. Even though the media beats Trump up all the time and the Democrats tried to take Trump down… Trump won the election anyways. How? It wasn’t Trump colluding with Russia that made him win… the American people made him win. We voted him in office. I’m glad the government released this Memo ’cause this affects the voters.

This is what transparency looks like. The media and the FBI tried to get Trump to redact the names but Trump wasn’t having it and released the full Memo with names and all. Trump is no Obama, haters. The left worships Obama like a King but he’s the least transparent president of all time. This is a guy who released redacted documents, seals college records, hid birth certificate and all that crap. Remember, Obama is not in office anymore. This means that Trump can release all the confidential Obama stuff from the White House any time he wants to.

Remember this historic day… 2/2/2018. Yes, this is bigger than Watergate. They all need to go prison. This is what draining the swamp looks like and Trump did exactly that today. Another campaign promise. Thanks Devin Nunes!

While Devin Nunes did a great thing for America, it’s not really him who is the hero. Who is the hero of the FISA Memo getting released finally? It’s us! The American people. We fought so hard to get the FISA Memo released and the politicians listened to us. The Trump base are the real heroes. Good job, Trump supporters! I’m proud of you all! Easy Trump re-election in 2020!



Today the FISA Memo could get released any time today…

Well the White House and Trump announced the news that they will release the FISA Memo anytime today. I got up early this morning to wait for it to come. No Memo out yet but I’m sure it will come out later today. Mark this day 2/2/2018 as “Release the Memo” day. Today is gonna be a historic day where criminals in government will finally be exposed. This is what “Draining the Swamp” looks like, y’all.

If the FBI, DOJ and Democrat politicians are all scared to death of this Memo then they’re probably on it. They all had a hand in spying on Trump during the 2016 elections probably. I hope more government crimes will get a mention on the Memo like Benghazi and Operation F&F possibly. We’ll have to wait and see what’s on it. This Memo will finally prove that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are criminals too.

When the Memo gets released today, I’ll read it and give my thoughts on it. Should be interesting. Today is not gonna be a good day for the left. This Memo could finally bring down Barack and Hillary. Lock ’em both up! Long overdue too. Lock everyone else responsible too. Lock ’em all up!

The left is already panicking and attacking the right-wing community like mad about this. Just wait until the Memo comes out and see how the left reacts. They’re gonna get all fired up, I’m tellin’ ya so get the popcorn ready. The shits about to hit the fan!


Will Obama finally be taken down over FISA Memo? I agree release the memo!!!

Everybody knows that Obama is a criminal. He committed too many government crimes throughout the 8 years of his presidency and Obama covered his tracks on them all. One thing for sure though, I am so tired of all the secrecy surrounding of all of Obama’s crimes over the years. Obama may have been pretty good at covering his tracks, but he can’t get away with everything.

If the IRS targeting of conservatives couldn’t take him down, if Operation F&F couldn’t take him down, if Benghazi couldn’t take him down, if wiretapping journalists couldn’t take him down, if his fake birth certificate couldn’t take him down… maybe this one will.

Members of the House said yesterday that they read a memo that went around detailing the abuses of FISA surveillance during the Obama DOJ and FBI. Some GOP lawmakers have read the memo, but they can’t talk about what’s on it yet ’cause it’s classified information. Many of them have said that the content on the memo were shocking and disturbing which helped sparked for calls that the memo should be released.


What could be on the memo that could be so damaging? Ya know Obama. Whenever it comes to him, he’s always so secretive and mysterious. Like everyone else, I think there will be information on there that will damage Obama’s reputation. Does it have something to do with Obama spying on Trump during the election? Probably. I’m sure there’s more stuff on there too. Stuff that are more serious than that.

Since after Obama left the presidency now, he has been exposed for two crimes… spying on Trump during the election and letting Hezbollah off the hook of drug trafficking and money laundering so he can let the Iran deal happen. I guess you can now add the FISA Memo to the list.

I’ve always known that Obama is corrupt and a criminal for many years. So because he’s no longer president, does not mean we’ll stop going after him. Media let him get away with so much and they helped protected him over his crimes over the years. I don’t think Obama and the media will get away with this one.

It’s getting closer and closer to the possibility that Obama maybe on his way to prison after all. For years we’ve tried to warn liberals about Obama but they kept on worshipping him like he was king. Yep, this was a man who liberals worshipped. A man who depleted our military, turned most popular cities into sanctuary cities, tried to put Muslims and illegal aliens before actual Americans, dividing the country between blacks and whites again, got the country to hate our police, destroyed our economy, got people to hate Christians and Jews and totally messed up our FBI. Yeah, Obama is such a hero, y’all.

Obama may have committed too many government crimes and covered his tracks on them all, but he can’t get away with everything. He’s gotta get caught on something somehow. Lets hope and pray the FISA Memo will be the one to bring him down. Obama needs to be locked up. It’s long overdue.