The Hogan haters are out in full force on the internet today… Wow!!!!

I’m reading through some wrestling comments in the wrestling blogs and news sites today and I noticed the Hogan haters are out in full force. Since the news just got out that Hulk has been reinstated in the WWE Hall of Fame and he might make his on-screen return tonight at Extreme Rules, the haters are all mad.

Yes, there is this thing called “forgive and forget” but keep in mind not everybody is gonna “forgive and forget”. Haters are gonna hate, always. I think the only reason that the haters are raging mad now is ’cause they can’t accept the fact that Hogan won the big lawsuit over Gawker. I think they are mad at that just like liberals can’t accept the election results of 2016. Well get over it, Hogan haters. Hulk Hogan proved his innocence over the sex tape at the trial and did a nice job of it too. Like I said before, I used to hate and despise Hulk over the racist remarks myself but after paying attention to the trial and all that stuff… I began to think that maybe Hulk is innocent after all. Gawker just wanted to destroy and ruin Hulk; they failed obviously. Hulk is still standing and standing strong.

Hulk is trying to make amends to those he hurt including the WWE and the superstars. I believe in second chances and Hulk deserves one. I think what Hulk is doing is very courageous and ballsy.

It may seem that Hogan is one of the most hated wrestlers on the planet but the reality is, he isn’t. He’s still one of the most loved and most respected wrestlers today. Hulk Hogan has got a lot of fans still; he’s extremely popular.

Hulk is no racist and the haters needs to get the fuck over it. We all say dumb things and make mistakes every now and then even I do. I used to hate Hulk but I respect the man even more now. Love him or hate him, he’s a very strong guy. He doesn’t let negativity and drama bring him down and he knows how to stay above it.


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