Watched “Extreme Rules” ppv last night… no Hulk Hogan return yet but I’m sure he’ll be back soon…

So I watched “Extreme Rules” WWE ppv last night on the WWE Network. The ppv was pretty bad. The only good match last night was Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens in a Cage Match but other than that, the rest of the ppv was boring and stale. Can I get my almost 4 hours back?

Anyways, no Hulk Hogan appearance but I read he was backstage at the show just visiting and hanging out. Will Hulk appear on RAW tonight, though? I doubt it ’cause doing a little reading through wrestling news sites, Hogan hasn’t signed a new contract with WWE yet but I’m sure he will pretty soon. It’s looking like Hulk, WWE and Vince are back on good terms which is good. There’s a pretty good chance that Hulk Hogan is definitely coming back to WWE later this year or next year. I hope Hogan shows up sooner, though. I predict he could show up sometime before Summerslam. If not Summerslam then it could be the next Royal Rumble in 2019 where he could make it as a surprise entrant.

I think what the Hulkster is trying to do is that he wants to retire in his wrestling career on a positive note. He doesn’t want to end it in a negative note. He didn’t want to end it over this Gawker and sex tape stuff, ya know? Hulk Hogan deserves to end his career on a positive note ’cause he’s a wrestling legend whether you like him or not. He helped popularized pro wrestling and made it mainstream. Without Hogan, wrestling wouldn’t have been on TV. If it wasn’t for Hulk, there wouldn’t have been no WCW, ECW, TNA Impact and even no WWE. The thing is, there are always jealous and bitter haters trying to destroy Hulk and his wrestling legacy. Hulk is just doing whatever it takes to protect his legacy and I can’t blame him. Love him or hate him all you want to, Hulkamania is pretty huge and iconic. His wrestling career in the past was pretty special for him and special for the fans too, of course.

When Hulk returns to the WWE, what he would do on RAW? I can think of 5 things…

  1. Have one more match – this is probably the big one and it’s what everyone is talking about. Hulk did say himself that he has some wrestling left in him and he wants to do one more match but with who, though? My guesses would be either John Cena, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar and maybe even Vince McMahon.
  2. Reform the NWO wrestling faction – the NWO were pretty huge in WCW and they made occasional comebacks in WWE. Are they about ready to reform in WWE again pretty soon? I wouldn’t be surprised. They don’t say “NWO 4 Life” for no reason, brotha. They’ll always be around!
  3. Become the next RAW General Manager after Kurt Angle – This could be another big possibility. Hulk being in charge of RAW after Kurt goes.
  4. Be a guest host for the next Wrestlemania – Hulk was guest host for Wrestlemania 30 and it’s definitely possible that he could be guest host on a WM again in the future.
  5. Go after the Universal Title — it doesn’t hurt for Hulk to be world Champ again for one more time. I think that’s a nice way for him to go out on a positive note. If Bill Goldberg won the Universal Champ then why can’t Hulk?

Those are my predictions and any one of them is pretty likely.

Yeah, a lot of people are trashing Hulk but they’re just jealous of him and bitter. Just people desperate for attention so you just ignore the haters and keep supporting Hulk. He deserves the support. I would like to buy a Hulk Hogan t-shirt at some point and I’ll have to buy something off his online store. Hulk still rules! Screw the haters!



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