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Video footage on Charlottesville violence…

I’ve never watched too much video footage on Charlottesville violence except the only other footage I’ve seen was when the car rammed into another car, the one that killed that poor lady.

Just finished watching this footage and it’s crazy. People beating each other up, pepper spraying each other and police in their full riot-gear just standing there doing nothing. Why did the police stand there? Well, somebody obviously told them to stand-down.

I also heard the Mayor Mcauliffe response to this and it was weak. His response was totally one-sided. He only condemned the White Supremacist side but refused to call out BLM/Antifa.

If you live in a city or small town that has a Democratic mayor then you probably don’t feel safe at all. A lot of cities and small towns in America have a Democratic mayor which is sad, in my opinion. I’m sure they all encourage political violence and they allow illegal aliens to live in their cities/towns.

When it comes to Charlottesville, I’m on no one’s side. This shouldn’t have to happen at all. We really need to unite somehow ’cause this is going way too far. This isn’t what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted. They’re reversing everything Dr. King fought for and it’s sad.


Media is still negative on Trump ’cause they’re trying to keep people’s minds off of Trump’s successes as president…

While it’s no surprise to see that the media is still attacking Trump at every turn, I can understand why they’re doing it.  Trump is doing great things for America. He really is making America great again like he promised he would do. Some Americans can’t see that ’cause the media wants to ignore Trump’s successes as president. That’s why they continue to lie about his approval ratings.

Media is attacking Trump over Charlottesville violence, all this violence between white supremacists/KKK/neo-nazis vs. BLM & Antifa… ya know, the whole thing that the internet is talking about. Media was all over Russia collusion 24/7 and now the media turned it’s focus on Charlottesville instead of Russia. Notice the Russia talk has suddenly disappeared?

Good things are happening to America right now. Economy is booming like crazy. Stocks are going up, GDP going up, jobs are improving around here and illegal immigration has gotten pretty low. Now Trump is gonna get our infrastructure get all straightened out.

Trump is already making America a powerful country again; the media and NeverTrumpers are clearly hating it so they attack him at every chance they can get. They won’t simmer down on the Trump bashing ’cause they hate him out of jealousy and that’s the end of it. They know he’s winning and doing good things for America. Trump showing support to our police and the military, something Barack Obama never done.

As far as this whole Charlottesville thing goes, Trump is right that there are violent people on all sides. I just love how he’s calling out the violent left ’cause the left are getting violent. Yeah, no doubt there are scum bags on both sides of the spectrum. There are even scum bags on the conservative side. I’m not denying it.

I do agree that all this hatred toward each other has gone way too far and I totally blame that on Barack Obama and the media. George Soros is to partly blame too. Violence is never the answer, no matter what your political views are. It’s not even cool if a conservative beats up a liberal, I’ll condemn that too.

Back to the media, though, they better be careful. While the media turn a blind eye on Trump’s successes as president, that’s not gonna make him lose 2020. The Trump base is much bigger than ever before. Trump is gonna win the re-election easily. Sit-tight, haters. It’s gonna be a long 8 years for you all.