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Cool Photos: Christopher Meloni “Man of Steel” pics surfaces the web but not in character…


Here are two photos of Christopher Meloni from Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” film. The first photo is Chris leaving the set of filming and the second photo is Chris enjoying a break at a public pool. Filming of Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is happening in Plano, Illinois.

Chris is playing a military general in “Man of Steel” so far, no pics of him in his military costume yet for the film. I’m sure they’ll start showing up at some point.













Report: Update on Christopher Meloni’s role in “Superman: Man Of Steel”… he won’t be playing either Lex Luthor or Perry White!!!

When Chris Meloni was announced for “Superman” everyone thought he would be playing Lex Luthor or Perry White. Turns out he won’t be playing either of them. Vulture caught up with Chris himself and he revealed that he will be playing a military General but he couldn’t get into details about the character.

More on it, here.

Noticing that Chris will be playing a military General, my wild guess is that he’s going to be playing, General Sam Lane. It’s the only other General I can think of in the Superman franchise. Michael Shannon already has General Zod.



Report: Julia Ormond will play Lara in Snyder’s “Superman: Man of Steel”, Christopher Meloni to play an undisclosed character…

Woah, is the new “Superman” film by Zack Snyder going to be full of hot MILF’s or what? First Amy Adams for Lois Lane, then Diane Lane for Martha Kent and now we have Julia Ormond in talks to play Superman’s Krypton mother, Lara. Julia is most famous for her role in, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

The 2nd Superman casting this week, Christohper Meloni former “Oz” and “Law & Order: SVU” star is in talks to star in the film with an undisclosed character. Meloni’s character for “Superman” is not being revealed at this moment but the speculation is that he could be playing Lex Luthor.

More on the story, here.

As for Christopher Meloni’s character. I don’t think he is Lex Luthor. I think Meloni is the new Perry White, the head honcho of the Daily Planet. He would make a great Perry White more than Luthor, in my opinion.

After leaving “Law & Order: SVU”, Chris Meloni is already getting big movie roles. Looks like he wants to be a full time movie star now as I predicted he would! He’s becoming too famous for TV much like Steve Carell.



BREAKING NEWS: Christopher Meloni leaving “Law & Order: SVU”!!!

First Steve Carell leaves, “The Office”, next here comes Christopher Meloni announcing the news that he is leaving the long running show, “Law & Order: SVU”. They tried to make him come back for next season but he wasn’t up for it.

Deadline, reports.

Guess, he really wants to move on then. Can’t blame him, considering he’s been playing the same show for over 10 years. He’s a good actor too. I remember him in HBO’s “OZ” as well.

I don’t think he’s done with acting for good. I think he wants to move on to better opportunities. Maybe do other TV shows or get some movie roles or something.

This was no surprise honestly.


BREAKING NEWS: Christopher Meloni announces he’s leaving “Law & Order: SVU” for movie career…

After 12 years of starring in the NBC legendary show, “Law & Order: SVU”, one of the shows leading stars, Christopher Meloni announced he is quitting. Why? He wants to move on to bigger opportunities. He revealed he wants to do Hollywood films full time after he leaves the show.

While most would find it sad that Chris is leaving for a movie career, I don’t find it sad at all as I’m actually happy for him. I always find him very talented and he is a great actor, I think he’s going to make a great movie star.

Stars that leave TV shows do go on to become big movie stars like what happened to Tom Hanks and Robin Williams. Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and Jim Carrey (In Living Color) also left their shows for movies.

If you think Chris Meloni is going to have a failed movie career in the future, I don’t think he will. He will do good, trust me. I’ve seen Chris’s both TV shows with HBO’s “Oz” and “L&O: SVU”. I’m cetainly looking forward to seeing what his first movie role is going to be and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’ll star in some crime action drama film.



Report: Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay signs two year deal for “Law and Order: SVU”…they are staying put…for now…

There’s been worries that “Law and Order: SVU’s” two biggest stars, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni were going to get the pink slip from the show, but not too worry, they aren’t going anywhere! At least for now. The two has signed a two year deal to stay with the show. Look like Dick Wolf somehow agreed to give them a raise they asked for, they’ll be getting paid $400,000 an episode, much higher than they were paid before.

Variety Reports:


NBC is smart. It would be insane if they left the show, so I’m happy they are on for another two years. Good news. The show’s ratings would tank without them on.


Confirmed: “Law and Order: SVU” coming back in the Fall, but Meloni and Hargitay’s fate with the show is still in danger!!!

It is now official that “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” has been renewed for an 11th season this fall. It is also confirmed that the show’s biggest stars Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay maybe getting the boot. The reason is still the same thing, Chris and Mariska want a raise in their paychecks, Dick Wolf is not allowing it. He sounds pissed enough.

Variety Reports:


If NBC gets rid of Chris and Mariska, I will no longer watch “Law and Order: SVU”. People watch this show because of them, they carry the show. They are the reasons the show gets high ratings like I’ve been saying.

If NBC wanted to fire people to help save the budgets, they should fire Ice-T and Richard Belzer from the show. Not Chris and Mariska. Ice-T and Richard Belzer are not good actors.


BREAKING NEWS: Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni to get the pink slip from NBC? Read here to find out why…

Law and Order’s, Dick Wolf, may terminate “SVU’s” two biggest stars of the show, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni…why? It’s all about the money. Reports say that Mariska’s and Chris’s $350 K contracts will expire in May, when they renew their contracts for the 11th season, Mariska and Chris are asking to be payed more, but Dick Wolf is not allowing it.

More on it here:


Mariska and Chris are the reasons the show gets high ratings every week. Those two help the show. Without them, the ratings would tank. These two are the best actors of the show and it would be a mistake if they get rid of them.

Christopher Meloni is an amazing actor and it be a shame if he was to be let go over money. NBC should give them what they want. They deserve to get payed more. Two big name TV stars that helped “SVU” become a mainstream TV show, and they don’t deserve to get paid more?

I know the economy is bad…the only reason Dick Wolf doesn’t want to pay them more is to help save money for his own pockets. If these two get canned, that would be travesty.