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Sam Mendes says “Spectre” theme song is completed and will be revealed soon…

For each 007 theme song, they usually have some big mainstream artist sing the opening title theme. Who’s the artist gonna be for this film? For “Skyfall” they had Adelle sing the main theme which earned her an Oscar. Sam is being very secretive on the artist and won’t tell us who it is. So far no leaks about who the artist is gonna be so they did a good job keeping it from us. The artist must be a huge surprise.

Hopefully the artist won’t be Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Rihanna.


I can’t wait for “Spectre”, though. I’ve seen every Bond film and looking forward to this one too.


James Bond returns to Spectre island as I told you before!!!

When Sony announced that the title of the next Bond film is gonna be “Spectre”, I knew just by the title alone that this is gonna be the return of Spectre Island and the return of the main villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld who is the leader of Spectre. Christoph Waltz will be playing Blofeld as you can see in the trailer. I was right all along!

The film looks great and already feeling goosebumps!

No big action scenes yet but definitely the next trailer. This one is just a teaser! The story does look like it’s a continuation from “Skyfall”. I don’t think “Spectre” will top “Skyfall” but we’ll wait and see.


Why I believe Daniel Craig is wearing all black on the “Spectre” poster…

I know a lot of people find the Spectre poster with Daniel Craig wearing all black and a turtle neck kind of silly but there’s a reason he’s wearing all black. They are definitely teasing you something and I’m about to tell you what it is.

When 007 is wearing all black like that, he’s giving you a hint that he’s about ready to sneak around somewhere. He’s about to sneak around somewhere when it’s dark out so he can’t be seen by the bad guys. I assume he’s probably gonna be sneaking around on Spectre island and stealth his way into the volcano base as you saw in the film, “You Only Live Twice”. He’s probably gonna be sneaking around until he confronts Blofeld who is the leader of Spectre. Blofeld is probably gonna be played by Christoph Waltz. Blofeld appeared in other 007 films before but he was played by other actors.

The new poster is just a teaser… teasing you that Spectre is making a comeback in the next 007 film. I think we’ll get a teaser trailer pretty soon revealing more that the terrorist group named Spectre is making a big return.

Like I said before, if you’re a longtime Bond fan, you’d probably already know what Spectre is. I’m sure there’s a lot of new Bond fans who haven’t even seen the older films so the new fans won’t know what Spectre is.

Will we see the return of the volcano base? I think there’s a pretty good chance we will. “You Only Live Twice” is a pretty sick 007 film, though.


007 “Spectre” teaser poster released…

So Spectre Island is making a comeback for the upcoming 007 film? Looks like it! It’s also looking like that this maybe the last 007 film that Daniel Craig is gonna star in. At least, that’s what it’s looking like. They are already hinting that they are gonna try for a black Bond for the next film after “Spectre” so it’s looking like that Daniel Craig wants to move on. Idris Elba might be the next 007 although none of this have been confirmed yet.

I am looking forward to “Spectre” as I am a really huge 007 fan. I don’t think this movie will top “Skyfall” but I’m sure “Spectre” will be great. Can’t wait! \m/


Will Idris Elba be the next Bond???

Big rumor leaked by Sony hackers that Amy Pascal wants Idris Elba to be the next James Bond after “Spectre”. So does this mean that Daniel Craig is all done with 007 after “Spectre”??? Mr. Craig hanging it up??? News of a black 007 doesn’t surprise me at all ’cause MGM studios have been talking about experimenting with a black Bond for many years.

Keep in mind that all the Bond movies over the years were never sequels. Each one were stand-alone stories for the most part so you didn’t really need to watch ’em all in order. I hope “Spectre” is not gonna be the last Daniel Craig film ’cause I think it’s safe to say that Daniel is the best 007 out of them all, in my opinion.


I’ve been watching 007 flicks on Netflix all week. Don’t get me wrong… Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton made great 007’s but I still feel Daniel Craig is the best of them all. Daniel Craig is the real Bond, in my opinion. He was the true Bond. I’ve been re-watching the Bond movies on Netflix and so far, I still think, “Skyfall” is the best Bond movie out of the 23 films we have so far.

I hope Mr. Craig isn’t thinking about retirement this soon… I was hoping he will do a few more. Mr. Craig is one of my favorite actors, though. That guy really is an amazing talent.

Do I think a black Bond is a good idea? Sure, why not! It doesn’t hurt to try to do something different and do some experimenting. I mean, Daniel Craig himself is all for a black Bond:


It’s definitely gonna spark a lot of controversy with a black Bond but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try! Keep in mind that James Bond wasn’t written for one actor to play. James Bond is a character that can last forever so different actors can play him.


Who’s gonna sing the theme for 007 “Spectre”???

In the open title sequence for each Bond film, everybody should know that MGM writes an original song w/ lyrics that has something to do with the title and then they would hire a famous singer to sing the song. Over the years, have been mostly female singers that sung the 007 theme song but sometimes they would get male singers. I remember Chris Cornell of Soundgarden sung the theme song for “Casino Royale”. Madonna already did a theme song, she did the theme for “The World Is Not Enough” and she even had a role in the film too.

It’s been announced by Sam Mendes and MGM that a singer for “Spectre” have already been chosen but nobody’s talking on who it is yet.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the singer is gonna be these 5:

-Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett (with them together)
-Barbara Streisand (she never did a Bond theme yet, surprisingly)
-Katy Perry

If they’re gonna go for a male singer, they’d go for Tony Bennett, John Legend, Prince or Bruno Mars.

I’m probably gonna be wrong on all of these but these are pretty good guesses. We’ll soon find out who the singer is gonna be for “Spectre”.


The new 007 movie “Spectre”… what is “Spectre”???

When the title for the new 007 flick was revealed as “Spectre” not too long ago, you probably wonder what the plot/synopsis of the movie is gonna be about”? Well, when you look at the word, “Spectre” the title, you’ll immediately start to know what it’s about just by the title alone. In the James Bond franchise, SPECTRE stands for (Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorist, Revenge and Extortion) which means they are a global terrorist organization and that also means that they are probably bad guys. SPECTRE appeared in the very first Bond film, “Dr. No” and they are about to make a huge comeback in the film, “Spectre” with Daniel Craig.

More on SPECTRE here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPECTRE#Films

I just finished watching, “From Russia with Love” the second Bond film and there was a little bit of SPECTRE in that film as well. “From Russia With Love” is a great film by the way, too.

Spectre even have their own fictional island as well so the new Bond movie with Daniel Craig will probably be taken place on Spectre Island. Christoph Waltz is probably gonna play the leader of SPECTRE, Blofeld which is gonna be cool.

If you’re a long time Bond fan you would probably already know what SPECTRE already is. So it’s probably gonna be Bond vs. Spectre in the next film.

So far, I thought “Skyfall” was the best 007 film with Daniel Craig. Hopefully they do a good job with the next film. They just started filming “Spectre” today at Pinewood Studios. I hope they make it dark and violent like “Skyfall” was. Looking forward to the next Bond film.

I’m gonna try to watch all the old movies with Sean Connery and Roger Moore. I’ve seen all the newer ones with Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. I didn’t like the Pierce Brosnan movies that much… he was terrible Bond, in my opinion.


The title for Bond 24 is “Spectre” and full casting announced…

Here’s the living one-sheet for Bond 24, the title of the next film is, “Spectre”. The film will star Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, former WWE star Dave Bautista and Christoph Waltz.

The plot/synopsis haven’t been revealed yet, though. Notice that Judy Dench isn’t listed in the casting. I don’t want to reveal major spoilers but something happens to her character, M, in “Skyfall”.

WWE Star Dave Bautista in a Bond movie? Damn, that guy’s career is really taking off after him having a role in “Guardians of the Galaxy” in which I haven’t seen yet but will get around to it soon.

Looking forward to the next 007 flick and I’m sure we’ll get a trailer real soon.


007 “Skyfall” arrives on Netflix for streaming…

Netflix streaming launched their new design this weekend. When I logged into my Netflix account last night, saw the new design, the first thing I see is the 007 movie, “Skyfall”, made available for streaming. All of you Netflix subscribers probably saw the same thing! Yep, “Skyfall”, is now a streamable movie on Netflix.

I would recommend you watch “Skyfall” tonight if you got nothing to watch. I wouldn’t exactly say that “Skyfall”is the best 007 ’cause there has been other good ones from the past but “Skyfall” is indeed the best Daniel Craig 007 film, that is.

I’m probably gonna re-watch, “Skyfall” later tonight. It was one of my favorite movies of 2012.

Even if you’re not much of a James Bond fan, you should still check it out ’cause this film is a new introduction to the character. This film has nothing to do with “Casino Royale” or “Quantum of Solace”. “Skyfall” is a complete standalone film.


Report: Sam Mendes in re-negotiations to direct sequel to “Skyfall”…

Earlier this year Sam Mendes pulled out of directing the follow-up to “Skyfall” due to other commitments but since the next Bond movie won’t get the green light ’til 2016, Sam is now in talks to direct the sequel to “Skyfall”. There has been other directors considered like Christopher Nolan and others but since that Sam will be available in three years, they can’t resist to have Sam back. I can’t blame them though ’cause Skyfall really was the best Bond film. I’m sure Sam will make the next movie just as good. I haven’t bought Skyfall on Blu-Ray yet but going to soon. I love the movie too much myself. It’s the true 007 film we’ve been wanting for years. Remember, the next Bond film won’t be for another three years. Has something to do with MGM studios and money stuff. “Skyfall” really was an incredible flick, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend it.

More on the story, here.