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Report: Sigourney Weaver hints at returning to “Ghostbusters 3” and Ripley getting her own spinoff movie without those gross out aliens…

More news on actress Sigourney Weaver. First we have her giving Ghostbusters fans a hint that she maybe in “Ghostbusters 3”, she confirmed she is in talks with Bill Murray for the next installment. She also hinted that Dana’s son Oscar could be the next Ghostbuster.

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Sigourney is also in negotiations with Ridley Scott into having Ripley, the character from the Alien series get her own spinoff movie without the aliens. It’ll be a whole new sci fi adventure for Ripley getting her own film.

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Very nice! I’m glad to see “Ghostbusters 3” moving forward and glad to hear Ripley possibly coming back to the big screen with Ridley directing again. Ripley getting her own movie sounds fuckin’ cool, bring it on Ridley! 🙂


Report: Bill Murray calling for a female as a “Ghostbuster” for third film…

Bill Murray is still expressing his excitement for “Ghostbusters 3”, it’s just great to see!!! Bill says he wants the 3rd Ghostbusters film to be more like the 1st one. Since the next film is focused on training new Ghostbusters, Bill has an idea that he would like to see a female casted as one of the new Ghostbusters.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


He probably means a young female as a new Ghostbuster.

Who are they gonna call?

Scarlett Johansson? Natalie Portman? Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Either one would make me go see it.



This is great news!

Bill Murray who attended Fantastic Fest to promote his latest movie the “City of Ember”, he did a Q&A session on stage to answer fan questions from the audience.

Of course, someone just had to ask him if he’s willing to star in “Ghostbusters 3” to reprise his role as Peter Venkmen. Murray says he already knew that “The Office” writers were on board to writing the script. Murray went on explaining that enough time has passed and all the wounds were healed from “Ghostbusters 2”, he went on explaining how the first Ghostbusters film was the best experience in his life.

As we all know, in the past Bill Murray used to be harsh on returning to Ghostbusters 3 saying that he wouldn’t come back in the live action unless it was animated or a video game. In this video, Bill admitted his excitement for a “Ghostbusters 3” live action film grew in him after doing voice overs in the video game, he finds himself singing the Ghostbusters theme song as he’s walking down the street. Then he revealed the big news that he would definitely love to star in “Ghostbusters 3”!!!!!!

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Well Bill Murray is down, three more to go. We now need to hear from Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis if they are still willing to star in it.

We already heard from Ramis, he was the one who revealed that the Office writers were writing the film, but that doesn’t mean Ramis is starring in it, he was pretty quiet on whether he’s starring in it or not.

I’m sure the rest of the cast would be in. Hopefully Sigourney and Rick would be in too.


Report: Harold Ramis confirms Ghostbusters 3 film is definitely happening, original cast in talks of returning, and also Ivan Reitman may direct after all!!!

This is great news that the Ghostbusters 3 film is moving forward.

Harold Ramis himself sent a brief e-mail to confirm the news of the new Ghostbusters film that just got the greenlight. How did Columbia find the Office writers? Well since the Office writers are currently working on Ramis’s new directed film “Year One”, I’m pretty sure Harold himself reccomended those writers to Columbia for the GB-3 film. Ramis says he is in negotiations with Ivan Reitman to return back to directing the next Ghostbusters film. That’s also great news!!!!

We all know that Bill Murray doesn’t really want to reprise his role in a live action film, but Ramis said in the article he’s trying to talk him into being involved on some level. Maybe give Peter Venkman a small role or something. Ramis also announced that he and the Ghostbusters gang are finished doing voice overs for the new video game. There are definitely good possibilities that Ramis may return as Egon, Bill return as Peter, Dan return as Ray, and Ernie return as Winston for the film too.

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wOOt! We’re gonna get the Ghostbusters video game and new movie both at the same time! Sweet!

As for who the new Ghostbusters will be that the original cast will pass the torch along too, I don’t agree with actor choices in that blog.

My choices for the new Ghostbusters: Ben Stiller, Rick Moranis, Sean William Scott, Dwayne Johnson


Thought: What we should see in Ghostbusters 3….

-The return of Slimer

-If Sigourney Weaver returns as Dana and Rick Moranis returns as Louis, Dana’s son Oscar is a full grown young adult now. Peter Venkman spends a lot of time with an adult Oscar becomes close friends. Even if Sigourney doesn’t return, Oscar should still be in the third one. As far as Louis goes, he should be married to Janine the Ghostbusters secretary.

-The four former Ghostbusters: Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston are all retired moved on to their regular day jobs. They hear that new people want to become Ghosbusters, so the original Ghostbusters decide to help and train them once they find out that ghosts still attack the city.

-Walter Peck, a villain from the first Ghostbusters movie makes a return, decides to give the Ghostbusters team more hell.

-No Staypuff the Marshmellow Man return, he should be left out.

-No Dr. Janosz Poha return, the art gallery musuem doctor who kidnaps baby Oscar and brings to Vigo in Ghostbusters II. Dr. Janosz was an annoying character and shouldn’t be in the third one.

-Ghostbusters 3 should have a new ghost villain that is good and creative. Something different. It should be something scary and dark.

-Either Ivan Reitman or Harold Ramis should direct the next installment. Either would make me happy.

-The script for Ghostbusters 3 should be a dark story, not a happy/family one like Ghostbusters II was.

-The Ghostbusters shouldn’t be thrown in jail or in a mental hospital ’cause that’s already been done in the first two films. I don’t think we need that in the third.


Thought: Would Harold Ramis direct “Ghostbusters 3” if Ivan Reitman isn’t down?

We heard the shocking news of Columbia making a third “Ghostbusters” movie. Finally getting the film off the ground.

If Ivan Reitman isn’t down for directing, Columbia should definitely go for Harold Ramis to helm “Ghostbusters 3”.

Ramis has a lot of directing experience. He’s directed the first “Caddyshack” film, the first “National Lampoon’s Vacation” film, he’s also directed “Groundhog Day”, “Analyze This” and ” Analyze That”, “Bedazzled”, “Multiplicity” and “The Ice Harvest”.

I think Harold Ramis himself would do a great job directing a Ghostbusters movie. They should definitely get Ramis to helm the next one. It’ll be a smart move.