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Report: Dan Aykroyd says “Ghostbusters 3” will start shooting next year, with or without Bill Murray…

Dan Aykroyd, appeared on the “Dennis Miller” show and yep, you guessed it, they talked about, “Ghostbusters 3”. Dan explains they will start shooting next year, sometime in 2012. They still want Bill Murray to sign on, but Bill has never responded yet. Bill is still being difficult about the project. So whether Bill wants to do it or not, they don’t care. Sony studios is doing it with or without him.

Dan does explain what the main characters will be like for the next film. His character Ray is blind in one eye and can no longer drive the cadillac. Egon is too overweight that he can’t do anything anymore. They did this to explain the reason for new, “Ghosbusters”. They explained they need 3 young men and going for a female Ghostbuster this time around.

Dan reveals he wants Matthew Grey Gubler from, “Criminal Minds”, as one of the new Ghostbusters.

More on it, here.

Lets hope Rick Moranis returns as Louis Tully as well. Without Louis Tully, it won’t feel like a Ghostbusters movie anymore. Rick Moranis retired from Hollywood years ago, but who knows, maybe he will come back just for this one film.

I hope Bill says yes. If he’s not in this film at all, then I won’t bother with it. It’s not a Ghostbusters movie without Bill either. Lets hope and pray that Bill will respond to this soon.


Report: Sony Pictures confirms “Ghostbusters 3” is greenlighted for 2013???

Did Bill Murray finally read the script to “Ghosbusters 3”, and he’s actually down for reprising his role as Peter Venkman? A press release was published in the “Licensing Trade” magazine at the Licensing International Expo. in Las Vegas, and somebody scanned the press release to post it on the internet for the rest of us to see.

Check it out, here!

As you all know, Bill Murray has been very critical about “Ghostbusters 3” for a long time now and he wouldn’t read the script even though it was sent to him. Sony revealed they would cancel the third movie if Bill wouldn’t do it.

For now, this is just a rumor, Sony themselves haven’t confirmed this yet. All we can do for now is cross our fingers. Even though everyone is critical about a third Ghostbusters film, I think a third film deserves to happen to close out the trilogy whether you agree with it or not.

Hopefully this news is true and we should hear from Sony soon.



Report: Is Bill Murray in or out of “Ghostbusters 3”????

Deadline, wrote this interesting article about the difficulties in making “Ghostbusters 3”. Why is “Ghostbusters III” so difficult to get the green light? It’s because Bill Murray have always been strict and picky with the third film. You’ve read most interviews with Bill about Ghostbusters 3 over the past year and Bill haven’t been so kind about the third film. Bill mostly laughed at all Ghostbusters 3 talk every time he was asked about it.

That’s why they sent the script to Bill first, to get his approval. Get feedback from Bill. In that article, Sony wanted to make it clear that they will not make a Ghostbusters film without Bill. If Bill is in, they will get right to work. If Bill is out, then no film at all, it’s simple as that.

I think there’s a good chance Bill will say yes ’cause he was wearing the Ghostbuters suit for the “Zombie Land” movie too.

It’ll be nice to see Harold Ramis back as Egon as well, as I know that Harold doesn’t act much anymore,  he mostly concentrated on directing movies over the years. I hope the GIII script won’t concentrate on the passing the torch to younger Ghostbusters eitiher, so we’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed if Bill wants in or not. We’ll hear from Bill soon on his answer, maybe in a few weeks or so. He’ll have to take the time to read the script and make his decision.

I really hope  a GIII film will happen ’cause it deserves one more film to close out the trilogy.


Report: Ivan Reitman says “Ghostbusters 3” script is done and have been sent to Bill Murray!!!

Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two “Ghostbusters” films, announced that the “Ghostbusters 3” script is finally done and sent to Bill Murray to get his approval. Ivan says Bill haven’t read the script yet and says the script is good enough to get the film made.

The Associated Press, reports.

We all know how strict and picky Bill is with the next Ghostbusters film. Lets hope he’ll be happy with this script whenever he gets around to reading it. I think Bill Murray still looks really good in the Ghostbusters suit. Remember, he put the suit back on for the “Scream” awards last year. He looked pretty happy wearing the suit again, so there’s a possibility he might come back! Hope so, cross our fingers.


Cool Video: Bill Murray accepts Scream Award in a Ghostbusters suit!!! HOLY CRAP!

Bill Murray attended the Scream awards to pick up his award for Best Horror Film for the film, “Zombieland”, which he had a cameo in. Guess what folks? Bill Murray showed up on stage wearing a Ghostbusters suit! For a long time now, Bill Murray denied returning for “Ghostbusters 3” because he felt too old to be wearing a Ghostbusters suit again. Well, here is proof that he’s not that old and he still looks GREAT in the suit. Bill got a huge crowd reaction too. Come on, Bill! Please return for “Ghostbusters 3”. I think he would want to now after this.


Report: Ivan Reitman is still on for “Ghostbusters 3″…

This is why people shouldn’t believe everything they read online. Huge rumours spread the web that Ivan Reitman pulled out of “Ghostbusters 3” to do a romantic comedy film titled, “Friends with Benefits” instead. Well, Sony says that rumour is bullshit and Ivan Reitman is committed with “Ghostbusters 3” still.

More on it here:


That’s good. I can’t see no one directing “Ghostbusters” but Ivan Reitman. Ivan’s their only guy that can do these films, right. Even Harold Ramis and Jason Reitman can’t even touch Ivan’s style. It’s great news that Ghostbusters 3 is still happening and lets hope for a 2011 release date.


Edit to add: btw, “Ghostbusters 3” could do extremely well in the box office if made right, it could be just as big as “Avatar” and “The Dark Knight”, sure. I’m sure Ivan Reitman will be experimenting with the new CGI and 3D technology, most definitely.

Thought: The new Ghostbusters team should be this…

Since the next installment of Ghostbusters will focus on recruiting 4 young Ghostbusters to replace the originals, I wanted to name my choices of actors that should star in “Ghostbusters 3”.

Here are my choices:

  • Steve Carrell
  • Ben Stiller
  • Jack Black
  • Michelle Rodriguez or Megan Fox (tie)

There’s been reports that they are planning on adding a female Ghostbuster to the lineup. I think Steve Carrell would make a good version of a young Egon. Ben would make a good version of a young Ray. Jack would make a good version of a young Peter Venkman. The female Ghostbuster would probably end up being a love interest with one of them and she joins up with them.

According to AICN, look like “Ghostbusters 3” is heading into reality so it looks like it’s definitely happening.