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Starting next week, I think I’m going to take two de-load weeks on weightlifting… I need it…

Ya know, after some long hard thinking on why I had a terrible deadlift 1 rep max out week, I know what the problem is. I think the big issue was that my form was a little off. I think I was standing a little too far away from the bar which was a part of why I couldn’t lift heavy weight off the floor. If I stood one inch in front of the bar, I probably would have gotten it. Deadlifting with the foot stance far away from the bar will not lift the bar off the ground. You gotta stand a bit close to it. The bar must be over the middle of your feet. I think my setup was terrible which was why I couldn’t do it. Usually my deadlift startup and form was really good but lessons learned next time.

I think I’m going to deload for the next two weeks ’cause I really need it, ya know? I’m reading some powerlifting forums on why your deadlift is getting weaker, they say you either need to take two weeks off of deadlifting or de-load for two weeks. I’m not gonna take time off from deadlifting so I’m just gonna lift light. Doing some research, I’m reading about that even if you do light lifting and high reps that will still be taxing for your body so I’m just going to do light lifting and few reps. Nothing too crazy. I’m going to give that a try. De-load for two weeks and then get back into regular strength training.

I think I need to take my time and not rush to get to the bigger numbers. So many powerlifters out there want to rush their numbers when they shouldn’t. You shouldn’t get so ahead of yourself and that’s what I don’t want, ya know?

Also, when powerlifters can’t get the numbers they want… their ego gets so big that they get all defensive and they make all kinds of excuses of why they couldn’t hit those numbers. Well, not me. I’m going to be realistic with all of my mistakes and take responsibility for them all. That’s what annoying about other powerlifters. Many of them will never admit why they bomb out at powerlifting meets and they will never be realistic on why they get “red lights”. They make silly excuses like: “Oh, I wasn’t feeling it” and all that crap. Oh, cut the bullcrap. You mess up in powerlifting ’cause it’s probably your fault to begin with. A lot of powerlifters don’t train smart. At powerlifting meets, I’ve seen many powerlifters that miss lifts on the first and even second attempts ’cause why? They start off too damn heavy is why. At powerlifting meets, your first two attempts on the platform should be considered easy warmup sets but on your third attempt will be your max out. That’s how you can put on a successful meet.Β I’ve done three powerlifting meets so far and I’ve done a good job at all three of them.

Yeah, I think I need to take it easy for a while with the lifting. Do nothing but light lifting on everything for the next two week and then the week after, time to get back to serious business. I’ll be deadlifting over 300 lbs. very soon, y’all. I’ll get my “fire” back again. It’s just gonna take some time.

I want to be really good at deadlifts and don’t wanna mess up. I’m not gonna lie that I want to be one of the bests. I want to be great at deadlifting. I’m already am doing pretty good but this is only the beginning.


Did my 1 rep max test on bench today… tried to film video but couldn’t…

Well, this week is 1 Rep Max week for the big three so I can see what my personal bests are for the big three lifts. Today, I did a 1 rep max test on bench and my “personal best” or (new p.r.) on that is 160 lbs. It was a pretty easy lift so I attempted 165 lbs. That 165 lbs. was a missed lift so I guess my latest p.r. on bench right now is 160 lbs. That’s okay, I feel pretty good about that.

I tried to film video of that lift today but my Icloud storage got full so my new Ipod Touch couldn’t film today. Bummer. Oh well, later today I’m gonna figure out how to free up Icloud space ’cause I don’t want to pay for more Icloud space. I’m sure there is a way to clear up Icloud space, I just gotta figure it out.

I feel real good about 160 lb. bench p.r., though. I’m almost there to a 200 lb. bench… just 40 lbs. away. I’m on the road to a 200 lb. bench and I could get there this year, I think. Hopefully, I can get there before August in time for the push/pull meet at Albany Strength.

I think after max out week, next week will be de-load week ’cause I need it. Then after that, back to strength training. Powerlifting training is fun… next I’ll see what my latest p.r. is for squats when I do leg day later this week.


Feeling really great on deadlifts…watch me pull a 280 lbs. for a double…

I’ve been killing it on the deadlifts for the past couple of weeks. Today, I just did a 280 lb. for a double which was pretty easy. Maybe I should have gone for a 3rd rep on that number but definitely another time.

I think next week will be 1 rep max week on the big three so I can find out what my bests lifts are. Hopefully soon I’ll be doing 300 lbs. for reps which is what my goal is right now.

This is the first video I made on my new Ipod touch Gen. 6th. Enjoy.



Watch me smash a 150 lb. squat personal record…

Here is me smashing an easy 150 pr. squat. It was a piece of cake that I felt like I could do a little more but I thought I would end my squat session right there so I won’t hog the squat rack, lol.

This time I smartened up and learned how to properly warm up before I max out. It felt great and it was easy lifting a 150 lb. squat. Ya know, if I started off the sets heavy and doing multiple reps, I wouldn’t have been able to lift that 150 lbs. So glad I smartened up and learned how to warm up better. Before maxing out the heavy ones, that’s what you want to do… lift light weights to semi-heavy but only doing a few reps so you won’t fatigue yourself. You want to save yourself ’til the very end.

I’m planning on doing the same when I max out on deadlift this weekend so I can hopefully smash a 300 lb. deadlift that I want to get.

I think the squat form in this video looks pretty good, though. I think the depth is good enough to get 3 white lights. I won’t max out on squats again for a long while. Not until meet day on March 30th but I’m thinking of challenging myself and plan on giving 155 or 160 a try. I probably will. That’s what powerlifting is all about is being able to challenge yourself. If you miss a lift, who cares. Not the end of the world. I’ll probably end up giving 160 lb. squat a try and I’m still going to do strength training up until meet day so I can hopefully hit that number.

I know I’m going to do real great on March 30th powerlifting meet at Albany Strength and can’t freakin’ wait! I really am working hard for that one!


Keep getting nice compliments on my bodybuilding physique… my whole goal is to get huge as possible…

The nice compliments on my bodybuilding physique just keeps coming as I just got another one earlier today at the gym. I was in the locker room standing on the weight scale with my shirt off and some dude was looking at me and he simply said, “I don’t mean to bother you but you’re getting huge. You get huge each time I see you in here”. I just responded back with a simple, “Thank you. I work really hard”.

These are complete strangers giving me random compliments on my physique. These are the kind of people you want to get bodybuilding feedback from. You want to get feedback by people you don’t know. You don’t want to get feedback from family and friends about bodybuilding ’cause all they’re gonna do is give you positive feedback no matter what. If you want honest and true feedback, get them from complete strangers. When you’re getting a lot of compliments from complete strangers at random places, that’s when you know you’re getting successful in bodybuilding.

My whole goal in bodybuilding is to get huge as possible. Not overweight huge but muscular huge if you know what I mean by that. I want to look like those guys you see in the action movies and in pro wrestling. Yeah, I know people are going to start screaming “steroids” just like they accuse ALL successful bodybuilders of steroids but I really do believe it’s possible to get huge without juicing up. To get huge in bodybuilding, all it pretty much takes is working hard, staying consistent and eating clean most of the time. Do all three of those and YOU WILL get huge. If you want to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his Olympia days, you can get there. If you want to look like guys such as Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa and guys such as those, you can.

I keep getting compliments on my body all the time and it feels good, really. That’s what keeps motivated to keep going in the gym. When you get a lot of compliments everywhere you go, it means that people are giving you respect. If you want respect around people in bodybuilding and weightlifting, it is not begged for. It is earned. Keep working hard, don’t give up. The more you keep working, the more people will be proud of ya and everybody around you will give you respect. Hard work in the weight room after all these years is definitely paying off for sure.

I love weightlifting. It’s a huge passion of mine. Before I started bodybuilding, I used to be scared to take my shirt off in front of everyone but now I’m not anymore. Bodybuilding taught me to love my body more. Like always, I don’t think you’ll ever see me on a bodybuilding stage… I just want the look is all. I want to look huge and nasty. Look intimidating to everyone. Having a muscular body is awesome and I’m loving it. It is definitely a life changer for sure!