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Repor: Richard Donner speaks on how the “Superman” movie theme was conducted…

In celebration of the new Superman Blu Ray boxset, Richard Donner sits down for an interview with UGO to talk about John Williams amazing score, for “Superman: The Movie”.

Enjoy the read, here.

Will John Williams score the music for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” film? I’m pretty sure Zack and Chris Nolan will get him. It’s not a Superman movie if John doesn’t score the new film, so he probably will score it. It’ll be a shame if John gets replaced.



BREAKING NEWS: Russell Crowe in talks to play Jor-El for Zack Snyder’s “Superman: Man of Steel” film…


After several weeks of Superman news slowing down, it’s starting to pick back up again! Oscar award winner, Russell Crowe is in talks to play Jor-El, Superman’s biological father on his home planet of Krypton.

Variety, reports.

The casting for the new “Superman” movie is amazing so far. While I’m sure Russell will do a fantastic job playing Jor-El he won’t be able to top Marlon Brando’s epic performance in “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II”.

I’m glad the casting for “Superman” is on a roll again.

Hopefully they cast someone for Perry White or Jimmy Olsen next. I would like Al Pacino for Perry White and Jesse Eisenberg for Jimmy Olsen.


Superman news slowed down, I wonder why???

There haven’t been any new “Superman” castings for the past several weeks. The last thing we heard was that German actress, Antje Traue has been signed to play some un-named female villain for Zack Snyder’s “Superman” and that news was announced a couple of months ago.

Superman still need to cast the following characters: Lex Luthor, Jor-El, Lara (Superman’s mother on planet Krypton), Lana Lang, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White.

We also still need to see what the story is going to be about and what the Superman costume is going to look like. In the beginning, they were picking up on things quickly, but now Superman news suddenly died.

I’m sure Superman news will start picking back up again soon. Hopefully not too long. What will the Superman costume look like? It will obviously be red, yellow and blue like always but the suit will definitely have a new design and different style. Hopefully the costume will be different than the Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh costumes.

The movie still needs to open with the John Williams theme. It’s not a Superman movie without it. I think Chris and Zack will use the theme song, I’m sure they know it’s important for the character.


Report: Faora will be the leading villain for “Superman”? Plus, planet Krypton revealed and other Superman news…

The Latino Review leaked a little bit of “Superman” plot points a little early. These are just “rumors” so don’t believe it as of this moment. Faora will be the main villain for Superman. Planet Krypton will NOT be a crystal planet like you see in the beginning of “Superman: The Movie”. Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder are all interested in Daniel Day-Lewis for the role of Jor-El (Superman’s biological father). You will see both Jor-El and Lara (Superman’s kryptonian Mom) in the beginning of the film. The story of “The Man of Steel” will be an origin story much like, “Batman: Begins”. The story will cover everything about the life of Superman from his birth on Krypton all the way to how he became Superman in Metropolis.

Read the full story, here.

So General Zod may not be the film’s leading villain then, Faora will be the leading villain? Zod will only get a small role? For those who don’t know much about the Faora character, read more about her, here.

If you read Faora’s wikipedia, you can see that she was a very important part of Superman’s history, that Donner’s “Superman: The Movie”, never used. So it does make a lot of sense to use her and I’m glad they’re using a different villain this time. She was never used in any of the films.Well Faora was used for the TV show, “Smallville”, but not the movies.

While it must be frustrating and annoying to fans that they are using another “origin” story for Superman. They have to. Like I said Warner Bros./DC are at war with the Seigel heirs. They need to do the origin story fast because they’ll lose it all in 2013. Please try to understand that. Plus, how else are you going to start a Superman story when they are going to reboot it? Might as well start all over again.

Yes, I’m sure Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s version of “Superman” will probably start on planet Krypton, then they will go to Smallville where Clark Kent grew up to become Superman, and all the Metropolis stuff at the end of the film. I just think Christohper Nolan’s version of the Superman origin story will be much better. I trust both him and Zack.

Warner Bros. will probably make another casting announcement this Sunday because they seem to be announcing a new cast member every Sunday. Who will it be this Sunday? Will they announce who will be playing, Faora? I bet Faora is next, if possible. Maybe Lex Luthor will be next to be casted. Then they need to cast someone for Lana Lang (if they use her), Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and Superman’s real mother, Lara.

I support them in this project, 100%. I believe it will be a great movie. Hopefully they keep the John Williams score, though. That’s important, I hope they don’t ignore that legendary opening theme song.


BREAKING NEWS: Diane Lane confirmed to play Martha Kent for Zack Snyder’s “Superman”!!!

First Henry Cavill have been hired to play Superman. Here is the next confirmed casting for Zack Snyder’s “Superman”. Diane Lane have been officially hired to play Martha Kent, Clark Kent’s adopted mother from Smallville.

Just a while back it was reported that WB’s was interested in Kevin Costner playing an unannounced role. Kevin wasn’t confirmed, Warner Bros’s was just interested in him. Everyone assumed that Kevin would be playing Clark’s father’s, Jonathan Kent.

Read the full story here, at Deadline.

Diane Lane is an amazing actress, so she’ll nail this role with no problem. If she’s lucky enough, she could get Oscar nominated for Best Supporting Actress in this “Superman” flick. Her acting for this film would be the one to pay the most attention to.

I remembered her in “The Perfect Storm” movie.

From the sounds of things, sounds like they are doing another version of, “Superman: The Movie”.

Lets hope they’ll get John Williams to do the score for the new Superman flick. That opening Superman theme is important and they need to keep it.


Report: Warner Bros. interested in Kevin Costner for major character in the next “Superman” movie…

Well here’s the next Superman casting pick! Warner Bros. and the rest of the Superman crew, are very interested in Kevin Costner, for a major role. Nobody said what character he would be playing in the “Superman” franchise, but the most popular pick is people think he’s going to play Jonathan Kent, Clark’s adoptive human father.

See the report here at, Deadline.

Yeah, I agree that Costner would be great for Pa Kent, but honestly, Costner has a Lex Luthor vibe to him. Keep in mind that Costner played quite a lot of villains in movies over the years. “Mr. Brooks”, “3000 Miles to Graceland” and maybe a few others he played the bad guy. I know people don’t want them using Lex Luthor again, but I think they will. Costner does play a villain very well, almost psychotic and mean. He might be great for Luthor. Don’t be surprised if they do decide to use Luthor again.



BREAKING NEWS: Henry Cavill officially casted as Clark Kent/Superman!!!!

Christopher Nolan have announced today that Superman have officially been casted. An unknown actor by the name of Henry Cavill have been officially chosen to play the role of Clark Kent and Superman for the upcoming “Superman” reboot by Warner Bros., Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. As you can see Henry resembles Christopher Reeve, a little bit, they both look alike.

Deadline, reports.

Wow. Warner Bros., and Chris Nolan are hard at work on both “Superman”, and “Batman”. I’m impressed! That is called multi-tasking. First the Batman villains have been casted and now Superman have been casted. Now that we all know who Superman is, we will know who the “Superman” villains will be very soon! I can’t wait to see who the villains for “Superman” will be. Just like everyone else, I hope they won’t use Lex Luthor or General Zod again either. We want a fresh and new Superman villain. A villain that haven’t been used in films before, like Darkseid or Doomsday would be cool.