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Report: Brooke to Daddy Hulkster, “Daddy, you’re welcome to put your hand on my ass anytime you want to”…

While the Hogan family has been pretty quiet about the photo above, Brooke finally spoke out to the media about it. It turns out, that Brooke has no problem with the Hulkster grabbing her ass anytime he wanted.

She says so herself here:


As long as Brooke and Hulk aren’t having sex, ass grabbing ain’t that big of a deal. I find anything wrong with it and there’s nothing incest about it. As long as the daughter is all for it by all means, let families do what they want in their own time.



Thought: Hulk Hogan on Larry King interview…

I finished watching the rest of the Larry King youtube videos posted a few entries below.

My thoughts? Hulk Hogan is simply the worlds most lying piece of garbage on this planet. I personally think he just went there as a “cover up” for the bad things he said about John Graziano’s family. Like the stuff he said about “In God’s Hands” and things like that. Hogan claimed he waits by the phone for Nick to call ever since Nick was thrown in jail when TMZ caught Hogan at a Hooters resturaunt with Jimmy Hart the day he was sent in jail. While Hogan admits his divorce with Linda he refuses to explain why, Hogan cheated on Linda, that’s the reason for the divorce and Hogan continues to maintain his innocence on that. The Larry King interview was pathetic, all lies coming from Hogan’s mouth.

Hogan admits he doesn’t like being the king of tabloids and media, well that’s what he gets for becoming a wrestling legend and TV icon, pal. All Hulk cares about is fame with his family, and him agreeing to setup NIck’s own reality show is evidence of it.

The Hogans, bunch of ego pricks. Hogan’s always been the same guy ever since working with WWE. A lying egomaniac asshole. And when he was about ready to break down crying at the end of the interview, he was clearly “acting” just for show for the interview.

I lost a great deal of respect for Hulk Hogan a long time ago, but this time I have no respect for the jerk at all.



Cool Video: Hulk Hogan speaks on Larry King…

Here is the entire interview of wrestling pioneer Hulk Hogan on Larry King Live, he speaks about Nick being jailed for the crash that injured his best friend John Graziano. Hulk mostly defends his family on this show. I haven’t watched it all but will watch the rest of it when I get back home from work. 7 parts with the entire interview. Enjoy.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Sorry didn’t mean to post the same video twice, I’ll look for the real one.

Part 7


Report: Brooke Hogan crashed up her car on Bayside Bridge…

Another Hogan involved in a car crash. Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke was just driving her car on Bayside Bridge in Florida until she was hit by a man named Ronald Gallmon, his car lost control when trying to change lanes. Witnesses say that Gallmon was driving too fast, so it sounds like it wasn’t Brooke’s fault. Brooke hit her Mercedes against the concrete barrier, and her car was brand new, she just bought it. No injuries were found at the scene. Hulk and Linda were both on the scene after they visited Nick in prison.

More on the story here:


I don’t think this accident is Brooke’s fault, sounds like that other idiot that was driving too fast didn’t know how to drive or was drunk or something.

Hulk and Linda have too much drama on their hands. First their son in jail, and now they have to deal with Brooke’s crash when she just bought a new car.

The new car being smashed up doesn’t matter, all it matters is being alive, so it’s a good thing Brooke didn’t get hurt.



BREAKING NEWS: Nick Bollea sentenced to 8 months in jail…

Nick Bollea, the biological son of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has been sentenced to jail for 8 months today. The 17 year old has been sentenced for wreckless driving, he will also serve 5 years on probation and will lose his driving privileges for three years.

FOX News reports:


Hulk’s going through some difficult times, while battling with a long divorce and feud with his wife Linda, he now have to deal with his son in jail.

At least he’s still hosting “American Gladiators” this summer so that’ll brighten up his mood a bit!



Thought: The Hulkster feeling up daughters ass… is it incest or nothing wrong with it?

So the Hulkster has been caught rubbing his own daughter’s ass by a paparrazi shot while Brooke and one of her girlfriends were relaxing in the sun after a day of swimming the Hogan family’s pool. After Brooke got out and layed down, Hulk decided to rub sun tan lotion all over Brooke’s body, including her ass. It seems Brooke didn’t mind and seems she’s enjoying it.

So is it incest you may ask? Hogan is being blamed for incest of this. I don’t think it’s incest in Hogan’s defense. Incest is actually having sex with someone in the family of the same blood, it ain’t like Hogan did that. Hogan didn’t do that to his own daughter, he just put suntan lotion on that was it.

Brooke is in legal of age and it’s her choice if she wants to press charges on Hogan for “sexual” and forcible touching. I find nothing perverted about all this. If he/she don’t feel comfortable putting sun tan lotion by someone not in the family, why not have a family member do it?

People attacking Hulk Hogan over this photo needs to grow up and use common sense. Do you think Hulk cares if people attack him for this photo? No. He has more important things to worry about like dealing with Nick Hogan’s problems and his divorce with Linda.

So my opinion of choice for the title of this topic, is no, I don’t think there is nothing wrong here.



BREAKING NEWS: Hogan family sued by Nick Bollea crash victim…

Man, the Hogan’s are sure going through some tough times. First the Hogan family dealt with Nick Bollea’s car crash, then Hulk and Linda are going through a divorce, and now this!

The Hogan family has been slapped with a lawsuit by crash victim John Graziono, a 22 year old former Marine who served in War in Iraq. Blaming Hulk and Linda that they should have known that Nick was a wreckless driver and was drinking at the time.

Fox News reports:


Keep up your head up high Hulk! Keep taking your vitamins and saying your prayers!

As long as the Hulkamaniacs are still running wild, the Hulkster can win at everything!