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There’s no authenticity of all of Isis’s victims and hostages… quit being so naive…

I love how people are falling for all of these beheading victims of Isis and now there is something new, a Jordan pilot claim to have been burned alive. There’s no authenticity to all of these and no proof. All the ISIS videos are obviously faked. The backgrounds are obviously green screen and the lightning is just laughable. They were obviously filmed in a studio somewhere.

And also how do you know if all the victims and hostages were real? The victims in the videos could be hired actors and the beheading victims could still be alive. The same goes for the Jordanian pilot. All of the Isis victims could even be Isis themselves. If they don’t prove that these are authentic then I’m not gonna buy it. I still believe ISIS isn’t real.

They were started just to help Obama give more political power. They started it as a way to help make Obama look good before his presidency ends. How much do you wanna bet that before Obama’s presidency goes out, ISIS will suddenly disappear and Obama will claim victory over ISIS/ISIL…. BOOM, Obama is a hero again. Just like Obama claimed victory over Bin Laden, he’ll take credit for taking down ISIS too. Watch for it.

I don’t think they’re really in Iraq/Afghanistan. ISIS is fake and staged, all of it. Staged by our US government. Google John McCain and ISIS and you’ll see.

I’m not afraid of ISIS and the rest of America shouldn’t be either. Being afraid of them is weak.

There’s nothing to worry about, America. Other countries are never gonna fight back at ISIS ’cause they are in a secret hiding spot in a studio somewhere. The studio where ISIS films all of their videos at, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s somewhere in Washington.

Anybody who believes that all of these ISIS beheadings, threats and murders is real is an idiot. ISIS is all staged just like the Sandy Hook shootings were.


The truth about ISIS… terrorist group revealed here…

This is why Obama refuses to call them “ISIS”. He refers to them as “ISIL” ’cause he simply doesn’t want people to find out that ISIS is really Mossad. Look up Mossad… that’s who ISIS is really. They’re a secret service operation. ISIS and ISIL are not the same thing. They never were. It’s just Obama trying to confuse us on who they really are.

Look this stuff up.

Tomorrow, I’ll post videos about this.