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Cool Video: A few more Joaquin Phoenix performances at the LAVO from Perez Hilton’s site!!!

Perez Hilton, the gossip blogger, put up a few exclusive Joaquin Phoenix clips at the LAVO. The Phoenix really did perform a full rap performance.

Check ’em out here:


Notice the second video where the Phoenix falls, I wonder if he did that because he’s so drunk or stoned, you can tell he’s on something ’cause the way he walks and dances on that stage.

I too hope he doesn’t end up like his brother River.

I feel the documentary he’s making with Casey Affleck will be a box office smash, Joaquin is already doing a good job creating controversy on the web so his film and his rap album would probably do well.

I too hope that Joaquin is pranking us about retiring from film. Joaquin, the next Andy Kauffman and Sascha Baron Cohen?


Joaquin Phoenix performing at the LAVO is at TMZ!!!!

LOL, TMZ has it up already, which I figure they would get it first…

See the video here:


If Joaquin is serious about becoming a rapper, he needs more lessons and coaching from other profesional rappers big time.

1) He needs to lose the beard, and get a gangsta image.

2) He needs to learn how to dance ’cause you can see that he’s clearly drunk as shit.

3) His rapping sucks and I think his rap career will fail.

In that song he’s rapping sounds like he’s bashing the Academy for not giving him an Oscar win as TMZ described.

The Phoenix was nominated for Gladiator which he never won and he was also nominated for his role as Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line” which he also never won.