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I always knew that Arnold Schwarzenegger was innocent… he’s a good man…

When Arnold’s secret affair with his housekeeper was exposed and he made a baby with her, the media tried to make him look like the bad guy. Turns out that he is not a bad guy at all. It turns out that Maria Shriver was cheating on Arnold long before his affair with the housekeeper. It’s just that she likes to be looked at as the innocent victim so it was her who intentionally tried to make Arnold look bad in the media.

People in America tried to make it look like that Arnold is a perverted pig to women and all that stuff. Maybe this article will finally silence all the doubters who thought he was a horrible womanizer?


I’m not into celebrity gossip and all that stuff but since I’m a fan of Arnold, I thought this would be worth posting.

Did Arnold knew after all this time that Maria was cheating on him so he banged the housekeeper for revenge? I can’t blame Arnold for wanting to sleep with someone else if he knew that Maria was cheating on him.

I never liked Maria Shriver anyways so Arnold is better off without her. I knew Arnold couldn’t have done something horrible. He doesn’t seem like that type of guy. What he did with the housekeeper was his private business. That didn’t need to become a huge media frenzy to begin with.

Keep in mind that Maria works for the news and the media. She’s very close with them. I’m pretty sure it was her that told the media to make Arnold look like the cheater and not her.

This proves that Arnold is a good man and innocent. The affair and divorce news may have put a little damage on Arnold’s film career a little bit but now that Maria’s cheating news have gotten out, Arnold can now put this behind him and move forward.

Arnold is probably happy this got out!


Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger, finally writing a memoir titled, “Total Recall”, scheduled to be released in Oct. of 2012…

Simon & Schuster, announced Arnold Schwarzenegger, is currently writing a memoir about his life. He will mostly be talking about the break up with Maria Shriver, and of course, he will also talk about his childhood, bodybuilding career, film career, and political career. The book is titled, “Total Recall: My Unbelievable True Life Story”. The book is scheduled for an Oct. 2012 release date.

Entertainment Weekly, reports.

As most of you know, I’m a huge Arnold fan so I will definitely be getting this book when it comes out. This isn’t the first time Arnold written and published books. Years ago, he published a few books on bodybuilding, most notably, “Arnold’s Modern Bodybuilding Encyclopedia”, which is his most popular book.

The question you have to ask is, will Sylvester Stallone ever do a memoir? I would like Sly to write his memoir but I remember him saying on AICN during his Q&A sessions, he doesn’t want to do one. Never say never though, maybe he will do one someday. I think a Sly memoir will be interesting.



Thought: About Arnold putting his film career on hold…

As soon as Arnold finished his governor run, he announced that he was returning to Hollywood full time. Starring in leading roles again. He announced, “The Governator” cartoon series & comic, he announced the horse movie, “Cry Macho”, and he announced that he will star as the Terminator again. Well, look like all that won’t be happening for a while.

It should be no surprise to everyone that Arnold getting his staffer pregnant could affect his upcoming movie comeback. I kind of saw it coming.

I’ve waited for over 7 years for Arnold to make his comeback to the movies, now we’ll have to wait even longer. Hopefully not too long.

I’m dying to see Arnold on the big screen again where he belongs. He’s my 2nd favorite action star behind Sly. Not only that he needs to get his personal life straightened out, he needs to wait a while until all this gossip settles down, then he’ll make his return to movies.

It really sucks though.

I usually don’t do celebrity gossip too much in this blog, I pay attention to Arnold’s story because of his movie career. This blog is about what’s going on in current news. I don’t care about gossip stories like divorce stories, pregnancies, marriages, etc. Leave that shit for TMZ and Perez Hilton, not on here.


Thought: Why the Governator kept a secret from the public for this long…

Arnold’s affair with the staffer happened 10 years ago or maybe a little over than that. It happened before his governor run. Why did he kept a secret for this long? Well the answer is very simple. If he revealed it earlier, it would have hurt his political career. He would have been impeached from his governor run a long time ago, if he was found out about it earlier. I’m sure Maria Shriver already knew about this affair after all this time, I’m willing to bet Arnold paid her to keep her quiet. Now that Arnie’s no longer the gov, this was a good time to make a public confession about it.

Will this hurt Arnie’s upcoming comeback to the movies? Maybe so, but I don’t think it will. People will still go see Arnie in the movies.

I still support Arnie ’cause I’ve always been a huge fan. Yes, cheating is bad and people make mistakes. That doesn’t make Arnie the badguy though. He’s a womanizer, always has been.

I don’t really do celebrity gossip and divorces in this site, I had to do this one because this divorce might affect his career. He could push back that “Cry Macho” movie because of this.


Report: Is Arnie the next Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen???

Everyone wondered why Arnold and Maria were going to split up. Here is the real reason. Arnie himself admitted to being a cheater. He fathered a baby to a child with a former staffer of his that happened more than 10 years ago before his governor run. Arnie is also being rumored to having affairs with many other women much like Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen.

More on it, here.

So Arnie kept a secret that long?

It’s amazing to me why so many women would want Arnold at this age when I’m sure he’s not in the best of shape like he used to be.


Thought: About Arnold’s split with Maria Shriver…

So the news shocked the world today that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has officially split up. Honestly, it didn’t really come as a surprise. I totally blame it on Arnold’s politics in his governor run that made this happen, of course. He was so busy being governor that he was away from his family most of the time. And now that he’s no longer governor, he’ll be an even more busier man since he came back to Hollywood in leading roles.

Either that or Maria is just an annoying woman and must of pissed off Arnold a lot.

Ah well, I never liked Maria Shriver anyway. Arnold deserves a better woman. Now that he maybe single soon, he deserves a hotter woman. So I hope he does get a hotter woman next time he gets hooked up with somebody.

When he does hook up with someone new, I know you’re going to think that a lot of women his age will be after him? Don’t be surprised. I’m sure there are plenty of young women that will want to jump in bed with him. It worked for Sean Penn and Scarlett Johannsen.


Report: Arnold to force legal action on his own wife, Maria Shriver…for talking on cell phone while driving?

Ya know, just because you’re family doesn’t mean you’re above the law. TmZ caught Maria Shriver talking on the cell phone in Cali while driving, when it”s illegal in that state.

Arnold didn’t defend her.

He tweeted to TMZ’s Harvey Levin, thanking him for bringing this to his attention and said there will be swift action.

See Arnold’s twitter page here:


So Arnie likes TmZ and supports Harvey. Look like Maria will have to say “hasta la vista” to her cell phone while driving.