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Paul Feig reveals character names for the 4 Ghostbuster women…

Kate McKinnon = Jillian Holtzmann

Kristen Wiig = Erin Gilbert

Melissa McCarthy = Abby Yates

Leslie Jones = Patty Tolan

Hmmmm interesting…

Gotta make the names easy to memorize. I hope Paul and Dan does a good job with the film. I have faith it’s gonna turn out good and enjoyable.


Dan Aykroyd to appear in new “Ghostbusters” for a small role, no surprise there…

Dan accidentally tweeted that he’s filming a scene in the new “Ghostbusters” film but he deleted the tweet a little later on. Was he not supposed to release that info? Anyway, it’s no surprise that he’s gonna be in it ’cause we all predicted it. Is Dan gonna reprise his role as Ray Stantz? I would think so. Ray needs to be around so he can teach the new recruits some new things like how to use the proton packs and all.

More here:


Will Bill and Ernie have cameos as well? We’ll have to wait and see. Bill may not be involved but there’s still a possibility… maybe Paul will fit him in the movie somehow. Bill and Paul only met once so they haven’t worked anything out yet but there’s still a chance that Paul could have a cameo for Bill. We’ll have to wait and see.



Paul Feig releases photo of new “Ghostbusters” women with proton packs, you knew it was coming!

Honestly, this is looking pretty impressive so far! Like everyone else, I was a little skeptical but the more these pics comes out, the more it piques my interest.

So they’re filming in Chinatown in Boston? Noticing all the Chinese writing in the background. Seems like Paul and Dan know exactly what they’re doing.


The new female “Ghostbusters” spotted in uniform on set…

I think they look kind of cute actually. Notice the hair on Kate McKinnon who is the blonde. Is she the female version of Egon? That means that Leslie Jones is the female version of Winston. Melissa the female version of Ray. Kristen the female version of Peter? That’s what it’s kind of looking like to me. I’m sure we’ll see a pic of them with proton packs strapped on pretty soon.

Even though people are still trashing this movie, there are more people starting to like it with all of these new pics so now with the “mixed” responses… that’s actually a good thing. I predict a lot more people will like it once the trailer comes out.

Today is the Ghostbusters panel at SDCC so I hope we hear more big news from it. I still hope the original Ghostbusters will still be involved in the film, though. Hopefully… Dan, Bill and Ernie will have cameos.

Could Peter Venkman get slimed by Slimer again? That would be kind of funny… Peter and Slimer reunite.


Paul Feig shows off the new Ecto-1 car for all-female “Ghostbusters”…

Here’s what Melissa, Kate, Kristen and Leslie will be riding in. The new Ecto-1. Look like they’re keeping the Ecto-1 name after all.

Anyway, Paul Feig knows about all the negative criticism toward his “Ghostbusters” movie. He’s taking it all like a man and he likes hearing it all. Paul finally responds to the negative criticism toward this movie and he doesn’t seem to mind…


Paul Feig reveals new “Ghostbusters” uniforms that the women will be wearing…

So this is the new uniform that Melissa, Kristen, Kate and Leslie will be wearing for the upcoming “Ghostbusters” film. They definitely look different than the original uniforms. Some people would wonder why Melissa’s uniform is so small due to her weight but seeing Melissa on the set of “Ghostbusters” looks like she lost some weight for the role so I’m sure she’ll fit in it just fine.

Here’s Melissa on set:

She definitely lost some weight so she must be working out and eating right. Getting prepared for the role.

I’m sure they’ll show us what the women will look like wearing the uniforms soon and hope they’ll show us the new proton packs.

All the movie fans maybe giving this movie negative criticism this soon but never know, maybe the movie will turn out enjoyable after all. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a teaser soon. The teaser will probably get shown at San Diego Comic Con, I would think.


A few set photos of all-female “Ghostbusters” released…

What is that new Ghostbusters gadget that Melissa McCarthy is holding? Looks like a new ghost trap to me.

It’s already looking kind of interesting, actually. Despite the negative feedback it’s mostly getting. I’m willing to give it a chance. When we get our first teaser trailer of this movie, I’ll make a decision on whether or not I should see it in theater. I’m sure we’ll get our first trailer pretty soon. They’re probably getting prepared for San Diego Comic Con this year so they can reveal some footage and clips there so that’s probably why they scheduled filming early.