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The Brock reviews last night’s Sandy Relief concert at MSG…

Last night’s Sandy Relief concert at MSG in NYC was mostly great last night.  There were just a few negatives about it. I watched it on TV. The whole thing. While Bruce Springsteen played a great set like usual, I didn’t get why him and Jon Bon Jovi were all over each other last night. Sure, I understand they both were from New Jersey and that was probably the point of them collaborating on stage with each other a lot last night, but I thought it was a little gay. On top of that, Bon Jovi is overrated as hell. I can’t stand Bon Jovi. Jon Bon was pretty creepy looking as a matter of fact.

Next here comes Roger Waters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Roger Waters but his performance was a little off. Who was that long haired dude, singing the vocals and playing the guitar? That guy was terrible, get him off the stage. Then Eddie Vedder came out and butchered, “Comfortably Numb”, singing the Gilmour parts. I love Eddie Vedder, but singing Pink Floyd songs wasn’t for him. Eddie’s deep singing voice just didn’t fit. I kind of wish David Gilmour was there instead like most people. I do love Pink Floyd but Waters need to make better choices for his back up singers. That “Comfortably Numb” performance last night was pretty bad.

I liked Adam Sandler’s rendition of “Hallelujah”, which was pretty funny. I’m glad Sandler did something different other than his “Hanukah Song”. Other than Sandler’s talent for acting in film, he has a gift for music too as he is a talented singer. Sandler did a good job.

While the Rolling Stones were great last night, they should have played a longer set. In fact, they should have been one of the main headliners. They only played two songs I think? Not sure, why they didn’t get a lot of stage time.

I thought Alicia Keys did an amazing job. Even though I hate R&B music, I can deal with listening to Alicia ’cause she is very talented. I never bought her albums or anything, but her music is good to listen to.

Eric Clapton KILLED IT, last night, like he usually does. It was great to see Eric again. That guy kind of slowed down in music, these days. He hasn’t been touring or releasing albums much, so this must be one of his rare TV appearances. Clapton is still looking really good though. I’ve been a Clapton fan for years, and still am. I loved the Billy Joel set, he killed it too. Even though Billy seems to be retired from making new albums, he still can perform really good. I wish he would come back and make a new album. Billy Joel, is the fucking man. Loved the guy’s music for years too. The Chris Martin set was great too. It was good to see Michael Stipe perform with him. I thought that was cool.

Another negative of last night’s show was having Kanye West be one of the show’s main headliners. What the fuck was that all about? And what was that leather skirt he was wearing? That Kanye West performance sucked and he performed longer than anybody last night. I mean, fuck, dude. The Stones played a short set, while Kanye got the most stage time. I understand that the point of the Sandy Relief was to have a variety of music, something for everyone, sure, but they should have had a better rapper than Kanye. I can deal with Jay-Z or maybe, Dr. Dre more, they would be okay with me. Come on, Kanye? Ridiculous!

I believe my favorite performance last night, was the Who performance. Roger and Pete killed it last night. Their performance was pretty strong and powerful. A lot of emotion between those two guys, you can see it. I loved the Keith Moon tribute they did. That was beautiful and it almost brought tears to my eyes. Roger Daltrey is being wrongly criticized ’cause he was performing on stage with his shirt hanging open. Sorry to say people, but Roger has been performing that way for years, so this is nothing new. Yeah, I’m sure he knew it was a family friendly event, but he couldn’t help it. Why does he perform on stage with an unbuttoned shirt? Because, that’s rock n’ roll, to be fair to him. Performing on stage shirtless or wearing a dress shirt unbuttoned is a pretty normal thing for rock stars. They do these things all the time. When you perform on stage, sometimes you have to ’cause it does get hot and sweaty up there. Roger was sweating like a pig, so give the dude a break. You have to give him props for singing good like that at 68 years old. The dude still has it. Pete is still a great guitar player. I love the Who. They are rock n’ roll genius’s, never forget that.

I did stay up for the Paul McCartney performance, and he rocked it like usual. As for his collaboration with the Nirvana members, that was great. I figure they weren’t going to do any Nirvana songs, ’cause I’m sure they didn’t want to embarrass themselves, that’s why they did a new original song. It was a hard rocking and pretty heavy song  though, as I figured it would be. Paul was able to sing that hard rock song well. I didn’t think Paul would be able to sing that type of hard rock music, but he did it well. I remembered Paul saying he wanted to try writing a hard rock album someday and maybe he will work on an album with those guys? Could be a possibility. Paul McCartney can sing just about any genre. The man is talented, always has been.

It was a pretty good show last night, other than the few minus’s with Kanye West and the “Comfortably Numb” performance. It was a good time watching the show.

I’m surprised they didn’t book Neil Young & Crazy Horse for last night’s event. Would have been cool to see them be part of the lineup, oh well.


Cool Video: Phish rings in the New Year last night at MSG in NYC…

No matter what you think of the jam band, Phish, they are great live performers and they certainly know how to put on an exciting fun show. I know this, because I’ve seen Phish in concert myself at least 3 or 4 times in my life. Yes, I love Phish and am a big fan of them myself. I don’t need to do drugs and drink alcohol to enjoy their music. I just admire their talent and the way they perform their concerts. Plus, I like Trey Anastasio. He’s a great musician and a great guitar player.

Enjoy this. Floating people over the crowd and balloons all over the place. Pretty amazing, makes me wish I was in NYC for this show.