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My thoughts on our new governor, Andrew Cuomo…

Yes, I did vote for governor last night, but I didn’t vote for this asshole. He is only popular for a couple of reasons. 1) His father was governor 2) He’s all for gay marriage equality in the state of NY. Don’t get me wrong. I totally respect homosexual people. I believe people have the right to be what they want to be. I wouldn’t want gay marriage to be legalized here in upstate, New York. I’ve always said I was against it and still stand by it. Marriage should be between a man and a woman, in my opinion. We have that right to have that opinion. It’s not hateful against homosexuals, it’s just how some people feel.

Another reason I don’t like him is that he strongly opposes the death penalty. In my opinion, I think the death penalty is very important. If he thinks that murderers and dangerous serial killers or terrorists don’t deserve death penalty, then this Andrew Cuomo guy is fucking insane. Justice needs to be served with all dangerous and violent criminals. If they kill other people, they need to die in return also. So yeah, death penalty is needed, folks.

He was also the guy that complained that minors shouldn’t be using Facebook, because of online predators and sex offenders on the web. It’s understandable how facebook is dangerous for children, I understand, but we don’t need someone like Andrew Cuomo, telling parents how to run their family. I think all parents are very cautious with their kids using facebook. I personally think Andrew fought against Facebook, just to help get his name out there that he was planning to run for NY governor.

You sure you want this guy as our governor, New Yorkers? He’s going to be much worse than, Paterson, trust me. He will not be any better. Everyone will be hating on this guy pretty quickly when he takes the governor’s office, just give it time.


Thought: About the Chelsea Clinton wedding…

So the internet has been buzzing about the Chelsea Clinton wedding all weekend. My question is why? In facebook, I’ve been seeing statuses written by people about them wanting to go see it. Really? Are they serious?

They are public figures and famous politicians yes, but they deserve peace and privacy just like the rest of us want. I wouldn’t want to go to a celebrity wedding. Imagine how crazy it would be in those type of weddings. You will see rich and wealthy people all over the place. There will be fancy and expensive food that you can’t even afford. Really expensive beer and wines for the reception after. Why go to a celebrity wedding when you don’t know them?

Can you imagine talking to these type of people at a wedding? I don’t think it’ll be as fun as you think. You don’t see the Clinton’s getting in your personal business with your marriage, so you shouldn’t be getting into theirs.

Congrats to Chelsea, I’m not knocking her wedding, I’m talking about real people like us wanting to go to it. I wouldn’t want to go see it ’cause wouldn’t it make you feel a bit uncomfortable hanging with a bunch of politicians and rich people? I know I would hate it. Anyhow, I think Rhinebeck was a horrible location for them to do the wedding. They should have done it in the Clinton’s home state of Arkansas. I am pretty sure Hillary picked that location because she used to be Senator for New York State. I’m not sure, but I think the Clintons still live in New York State. Maybe that is why they picked Rhinebeck.


Brock is asking the Capital District a favor, Angelina’s “Salt” in Albany related…

For those that live in Albany and has taken pictures of the film locations on the Highway roads of Albany…or if Angelina Jolie actually did come to Albany and if you shot pictures of her in town, e-mail them to me at:


And I’ll post ’em right up here in this blog. I’d like to be the first to grab hold of those pics before other movie sites pick ’em up.

Thanks if you could do this.


BREAKING NEWS: Gay marriage to be legalized in New York State????

New York State could be the fifth state in the United States to legalize gay marriage. David Patterson announced today, that he plans to re-introduce the legislature to legalize same sex marriage.

More on it here:


What do you think? Good idea or not? While I do respect people’s orientation whether they are straight, gay or bi, I don’t care, people can be whatever they want, I’m not sure if I like the idea of same sex marriage being legalized here in our state. It’ll probably happen, but I’m not sure I’ll like the idea of walking through town and there is a gay wedding going on somewhere in public.


Report: UFC moving forward to legalize sport in NY state…

Not too long ago, the UFC announced that they plan to fight for their sport to get legalized in NY state. That way the UFC can come over and entertain us New Yorkers at the Madison Square Garden, Times Union Center, etc. The UFC vows to fight with the Legislature to lift the ban on real violent fighting in NY state which is banned here.

The Assemblyman is introducing a bill that would legalize the violent sport.

More on it here:


I am betting my money that Dana White, the UFC president, is the first to bring up about wanting UFC legalized in NY state. I’m sure Dana will visit NY this year to help the fight, wouldn’t surprise me if he was already here.

NY has a lot of UFC fans, UFC is very popular here, and it’s great to see that Dana wants to bring us the fights!!!

I’d go see UFC live in person if they win the battle. I’m sure UFC will win to get the sport legalized here, ’cause simply put, no one fucks with the UFC!!!