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Report: WWE planning a big Santino Marella/The Glamazon vs. Perez Hilton fued?

Santino and Perez responding back and forth to each other online to help hype up their WWE RAW feud on TV?


I’m expecting Perez himself will appear on RAW soon, maybe even this coming Monday.

Perez to wrestle Santino in the “Honk a Meter” challenge?


Report: Perez Hilton responds to Santino Marella and is up for his challenge…

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton finally responds to Santino Marrella, a WWE wrestler on RAW.

More on it here:


Would WWE actually get Perez on RAW? Wouldn’t surprise me. WWE likes celebrity appearances.

They already did it with John Cena vs. Kevin Federline last year, this year it could be Perez Hilton vs. Santino.


Cool Video: Santino Marella hates Perez Hilton blogger and wants to call him out in a wrestling match!!!

LOL!!! This pure classic! Santino fuckin’ rules!

Santino wants to fight gossip blogger Perez Hilton in a wrestling match.

I wonder why Perez Hilton himself haven’t responded to Santino yet. Perez is probably chicken shit to step in the ring with Santino.

I’d love to see a Santino vs. Perez celebrity match if WWE actually makes it happen. Expect this segment to be aired on RAW soon. Santino to be in a handicap match against Roddy Piper/Perez Hilton?

Will Perez actually perform in WWE storylines? I’ll keep an eye on the Perez blog if he’ll announces something like that.