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Indiana Jones 5 officially happen, Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg to return but no George Lucas!

Disney finally made it official today that “Indiana Jones 5” is absolutely happening! Best of all, Harrison Ford is reprising his role as Indy and Steven Spielberg will be returning to the director’s chair for Indiana Jones. The film is slated for a release date of July 19th, 2019.


This is great news ’cause I’m a really big Indiana Jones fan. It’s good timing to start making Indy 5 now ’cause Harrison Ford is not get any younger. The man is 73 right now and I think he definitely has one more Indy film left in him. Star Wars Episode 7 “The Force Awakens” will probably be the final time that Harrison will play Han Solo. This will probably be the final time that Harrison will play Indy.

Will Indy 5 end up being an action movie? Probably. Harrison seems to do action movies quite well so why not?

Now that George Lucas is no longer involved, that means more creative freedom for Ford and Spielberg so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ll come up with now that George is no longer in charge of the creative writing process.

One thing for sure, though, I hope they don’t bring Shia Labeouf back ’cause I thought Indy and Marion having a kid together was a pretty dumb idea. They probably will end up bringing Shia back but hopefully just for a small role.

If they want fans to take the next movie seriously then I’d suggest make the next movie more like “Raiders”. Something similar, ya know? We don’t need another “Crystal Skull”. I do like “Crystal Skull” but I’ll have to agree that the film had some problems. Hope they don’t let us down next time.


Now that Disney owns the rights to Indiana Jones too, what’s gonna happen to this franchise???

Before George Lucas, announced retirement, George, Steve, and Harrison has been planning an, “Indy 5”. They have been talking about “Indy 5” in interviews, extensively. Now this makes people wonder what’s going on with the future of, Indiana Jones. Questions that need to be asked.

  • Will Steven Spielberg still direct, without George Lucas?
  • Will Harrison Ford still play Indy even if Spielberg and Lucas both steps down?
  • Will Indiana Jones become all kiddy friendly now that Disney owns Lucasfilm?
  • Can this franchise continue to be successful and huge without the original team: Ford, Spielberg, and Lucas?
  • Will the next Indy film leave off from “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” or, will they totally re-boot the series?

Paramount Pictures have been the home of Indiana Jones, for many years, and now Indiana Jones have found a new home. I’m going to miss the Paramount intro at the beginning of each Indy film, where the intro will show the Paramount mountain with stars flying around it. We might see the Disney logo as the intro instead.

I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. Love all the movies, even the fourth one that everyone is hating on. The Indiana Jones movies are supposed to be violent action movies with comedy thrown into the mix. “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, will always be the best Indy film. That film is a classic, and an essential. I love it way too much. That is one movie, I’ll never get tired of watching.

I just have mixed feelings on Disney owning Lucasfilm. I like the idea of them being in charge of Star Wars ’cause they deserve better films, but Indy however, is different. I’m pretty skeptical of Disney being in charge of Indy. I wish Steve Spielberg would try to get the rights from Lucas about Indy, ’cause only Spielberg can make great Indy movies. Disney might ruin ’em. If Ford and Spielberg are both not down for the next Indy film, they might as well re-boot the Indy franchise. Which wouldn’t surprise me, that they might be planning an Indiana Jones re-boot.