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Cool Video: “Twilight Saga: New Moon” official teaser hits myspace…

The 2nd installment of the “Twilight Saga” series, “New Moon” hit the web over the weekend.

I’m sure all the tween girls are loving this trailer and going crazy over it, while all the men are hating on it, but I gotta say, I think the next movie looks better than the first!

Check it out here:



Report: Michael Sheen casted in “Twilight Saga: New Moon”…

Actor Michael Sheen has been casted in “Twilight Saga: New Moon”. He will play the role of Aro, the leader of the vampire Italy group, the Volturi. Aro is an older character, not a tween, so they needed an older actor to fit the character. You would see Michael Sheen in such movies as, the “Underworld” trilogy, “Frost/Nixon”, “The Queen”, “Blood Diamond”, “The Four Feathers”, etc. No, he is no relation to Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Michael Sheen is from a different family, he was born in Wales.

Variety Reports:



Report: Summit Entertainment says no director hired for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” yet, so does this mean Drew Barrymore still has a chance?

Summit Entertainment, just denied reports that a director has been hired for “Eclipse”. So this means, that the Spanish horror director, Juan Antonio Bayona, getting hired is just a silly rumour. This also means that an opportunity for Drew Barrymore is still open.

I really want Summit Entertainment to give “Eclipse” to Drew. I really think she can do a good job with the “Twilight” movies. She’s a big fan of the horror genre and I think she can make it work.

So Drew, you can now sigh with relief about this news, Summit hasn’t picked anybody yet! Good luck to Drew, I hope she gets it.

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In defense of Robert Pattison, this post is aimed toward the men that bash him…

I don’t know about you “Twilight” fans out there, but I am getting tired of guys bashing Robert Pattison for attracting many girls and making fun of his Edward Cullen character. Well yeah, of course. I think that’s pretty much the obvious reason Summit Entertainment hired Robert Pattison to be the leading Edward Cullen star. He’s simply a chick magnet.

I think we can safely say that guys who make fun of Robert Pattison over this, comes out of jealousy. Yep, there’s that word again. I know you’re getting sick of seeing that word in my blog, but I have to say it again to get my point across. I’m sure guys like myself wish we were as good looking as him. Us men probably wish we can get a huge crowd of girls following us everywhere we go, which we can’t do.

Robert Pattison is the Beatles of Hollywood. You know how back in the old days of the Beatles where girls would follow them everywhere? It is that era again, with Robert Pattison of “Twilight” this time. I actually find this Robert Pattison guy quite interesting, so I have nothing negative against the guy at all.

Even though he is not a vampire, of course, he looks almost exactly like one, which is another reason why he got the “Twilight” role. I have a feeling that the horror movie industry will be all over this guy. Once this dude, gets done filming the “Twilight” series, , I see Robert starring in a lot of adult R rated horror films. I see him playing vampire characters in various other vampire movies, possibly.

If he sticks with the horror genre after “Twilight”, I think he’ll become the most successful actor in the horror movie industry. He could be just as big as Robert Englund and all those guys.

All the girls loving Robert Pattison, and all the men hating on him, is only the beggining. It’s just proof that he’s on his way in becoming a legendary star in the making. Love him or hate him, gotta give the man credit. I think Robert is pretty cool and can’t wait for “New Moon” to hit theater!


Confirmed: Director found for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and it isn’t Drew Barrymore, sorry…

I’m sure Drew Barrymore feels dissapointed about this news, sorry Drew. Summit Entertainment has signed their director for the third Twilight movie, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. His name is Juan Antonio Bayona. He’s a Spanish foreign director, about to get his first opportunity to direct a US film. He is a horror film director which his latest film is titled, “The Orphanage”.

Variety Reports:



Report: Drew Barrymore reveals she really wants to direct, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”…

Drew Barrymore, speaks out on reports saying, it is true that she is one of the directors being considered to helm the third Twilight film, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. Sounds like she really wants the opportunity pretty badily, but she admits that it’s their choice on what director to choose, so this means it’s possible that she would not be chosen.

More on it here:


Knowing that Drew has starred in a couple of horror films in the past: “Cat’s Eye”, “Firestarter”, “Waxwork II”, etc. Yes, I think she has what it takes to direct a vampire film.

She probably has her own vision up her sleeve, which is why she wants to do it so badily.

They’ll give her the opportunity, I’m pulling for you Drew. This will be great for her.


EDIT To add: It’s either she’s dying to direct the third “Twilight” movie because she’s a big fan of the books or she’s dying for a hook up with Robert Pattison? Me thinks she wants to get shagged by the Edward Cullen star.