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Report: Mark Millar reveals more “Superman” trilogy plans…

Comic book writer and creator, Mark Millar, is moving forward to his “Superman” trilogy dreams. The man wants to create an 8 hour trilogy, w/ Lord of the Rings and the Godfather style like “Superman” films.

He confirms he has found a big name director that he will work on this movie with, and he isn’t saying who that director is as of yet.

Mark Millar reveals more plot ideas. He says he wants the Superman trilogy to continue in a three part story, beggining with Kal-El being born on his home planet of Krypton, how he landed in Smallville where Jonathan and Martha Kent found him, Kal-El later became Clark Kent/Superman where he got a job as a news reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, etc. It’s going to have it all. It’s look like Mark Millar wants the new Superman movies to stay true to the original comics. He says he wants the trilogy to end with Superman being the last man on Earth where our planet is being close to being destroyed.

He also explains that he wants the new Superman movies to be completely different. This is not going to be a homage to the Richard Donner film that Bryan Singer wanted it to be. It’s probably not going to have the classic John Williams score and all that.

More on it here:


The plot is sounding great. I love Mark Millar’s idea. Can’t wait to see who the director is going be as well.

Millar should still have the John Williams music though, so I hope he keeps the opening theme song for Superman as well.


Report: Richard Donner speaks out on “Superman” and the “Lethal Weapon” series!!!!

Interview with film maker Richard Donner, the man responsible for bringing us the original “Superman: The Movie”, the Lethal Weapon series, the Goonies, etc.

Although rumours are swirling the nets that screenwriter Shane Black is writing a script for “Lethal Weapon 5”, Donner here said he is not doing the 5th one and he also confirmed Mel Gibson pulled out in returning.

He also speaks more on Superman, the movie that he brought to the big screen himself. He comented on Bryan Singer’s “Superman: Returns” saying how much he loved that film, saying that he nailed it. Isn’t it amazing to hear Richard Donner give “Superman: Returns” positive feedback after all this time?

He also finally gets his own star for the Hollywood walk of fame, which is deserving and long overdue. Congrats Richard!

More on it here:


Richard Donner is an amazing director. Ya know, I love the Superman movies and I would love it if Donner returned to direct a new Superman movie, that be great.

I’m glad there’s going to be no Lethal Weapon 5 though. I hated Lethal Weapon 4. I only liked the first two Lethal Weapon films. 3 and 4 were pretty bad.


Report: Mark Millar to direct the Superman reboot for Warner Bros.????

In this interview comic book creator Mark Millar hinted that Warner Bros. is in negotiations with him to direct the new Superman reboot. Miller had a plan for the new Superman for like 10 years and he finally wants to get it off the ground.

He says he wants the new Superman movies to be a 7 hour story split into 3 sequels as a trilogy. He wants it to be a Lord of the Rings like epic.

There’s nothing confirmed yet but Millar hopes to hear something from Warner Bros. in the next few weeks.

More on it here:


Warner Bros. would probably go for him. Millar knows his stuff. I’m sure Millar can make a very good Superman film in a very dark way. If Warner Bros. does sign Mark Millar as the director expect this news to be huge all over media.

I’m kind of feeling sorry and bad for Bryan Singer, but what are you gonna do ya know? This is Hollywood and movie business. I’m sure we’ll be hearing Bryan Singer’s thoughts about Warner Bros. decision about the reboot soon ’cause I’m interested in hearing what he has to say about this. I’m sure he isn’t very happy at all.


Report: “Superman: Returns” sequel in the news again…

If you read this website in this Hamilton College webpage, in it hints there will be a Superman: Returns Sequel….

“While he explained that Legendary focuses on commercial projects over independent films, he said that the company seeks to make the stories they tell “elevated” and take the source material seriously. Legendary’s roster of upcoming films includes a wide variety of properties, including Watchmen (from the renowned graphic novel), Akira (a remake of the popular Japanese anime film), a Superman sequel (in
Which Tull hopes to invoke more of the image of “an angry god”), Clash of the Titans, Where the Wild Things Are and a film of Paradise Lost (Tull is particularly interested in the “[story] arc of Lucifer”). Tull is also sponsoring the Legendary Film Treatment Challenge, an upcoming opportunity to submit film treatments to Legendary Pictures for consideration.”


Also Brandon Routh himself, did an exclusive interview with collider website that Brandon is definitely interested in playing Superman still…

See the interview here:


My god. Isn’t it amazing how Brandon looks and talks almost exactly like Christopher Reeve even when he’s not filming movies? I think that’s why Brandon got the job to play Superman in the first place.

What do they mean by turning the next Superman movie into an “angry god”. Are they hinting an intense villain other than Lex Luthor that Superman will fight against? Or will Superman get turned into a villain like he did in “Superman III”?

I’m glad Brandon is still playing the role and it’s great to see a video where he said from the mouth himself to prove that he is still playing the character, my belief just to squash the nasty rumours of him dropping out of the role.



BREAKING NEWS: Superman creator gets share of estate from Time Warner…

A federal judge ruled that one of the Superman creators Jerome Seigel, wins the share of the United States copyright of the legendary comic superhero that everyone loves. 70 years ago, Jerome sold the Superman estate to DC Comics, a company that continued the Superman legacy to this very day. DC Comics is now owned by Time Warner. Time Warner “used” to be the owner of the Superman character, but not anymore.

The judge discovered that Jerome Seigel is the copyright owner of Superman since he was the one who worked on the first Superman comic that was made in 1938 shown in the picture above.

Jerome Seigel died in 1996, the copyright snub was by the decision of the judge to help the family of Jerome because it was a dream of his, something that he always wanted. This could now hurt the filming of the new upcoming Superman movies which Bryan Singer already has planned on making a sequel to “Superman: Returns”. Singer may now have to get permission from the Seigel family and might have to pay them as well.

The NY Times reports:


Amazing story.

Lets hope this doesn’t stop Bryan Singer from filming the next Superman movie. I’m sure Singer will figure something out, so I think there is nothing to worry about.


Report: Bryan Singer confirms Superman: Returns sequel!


Ever since “Superman: Returns” was released, there were many rumours that there will never be a sequel, since the movie didn’t do very well in box office. Bryan Singer, confirmed with Empire magazine that he is definitely working on the sequel.

In this article, Singer admits that “Superman: Returns” being a romantic movie and less action was a mistake, he said he’ll make the next movie better.

Singer says, “The first one was a romantic film and a nostalgic film,” he says. “I’ll be the first person to own up to that without making any apologies for it. I knew it was going to be that from the outset. And now that the characters are established, there’s really an opportunity to up the threat levels…Clearly there’ll be a body count [laughs]. From frame one, it will be unrelenting terror! All those teenage girls who found the movie and mooned over James Marsden or Brandon? Well, I’m going to wake them up!”


As myself being a huge obsessive Superman fan, I have been my entire life, I’m very excited for the sequel. It’s most likely Brandon Routh will  reprise his role as Superman/Kent and Kevin Spacey returning as Lex Luthor.

The next Superman movie definitely needs more action. We need Superman saving more people in Metropolis throughout the entire film. We need another villain besides Lex Luthor. Who should the next villain be? General Zod? Doomsday? I would say bring them both in.

If Singer can sign Terence Stamp as General Zod, that would be killer. Sure, General Zod died at the end of Superman II by falling down the pit but he could survive that fall.

While I did love “Superman: Returns” very much, I agree it needed more action and that film was missing something.