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When liberals call you racist, it means they are stumped and can’t win an argument or a debate…

These days it’s getting harder and harder to tell the truth about Black people, Muslims or people from other countries. If you do liberals will call you “racist”. That’s what’s tiresome about liberals. They call you racist at every turn. They’re obsessed with that word “racist” and to me it’s pretty scary. You can’t tell the truth about people who are basically not white and not American. Pretty funny when all these liberals do is talk shit about Dr. Ben Carson. Hypocrites I must say.

Like the title of this topic says, usually when liberals call you racist in a debate, it’s usually because they’re stumped (in other words, can’t think of anything else to say) and they can’t figure out a way to win a debate so they cry “racist”. It’s means that they gave up. It means that they lost the debate totally.

The reason that liberals thinks it’s okay to call people racist when they disagree with you is ’cause that’s what the Obama admin. wants. It’s how they’re dividing the country and they’re doing a fine job at that.

Liberals are going mad at all the criticism of the Syrian refugees, wow. Sure enough, liberals are calling people “racist” for opposing the Syrian refugee movement into the USA. It’s fun to watch the liberals implode. I truly believe that liberals can’t take the truth that Syrian refugees aren’t welcome in America. More and more Americans are waking up about Syrian refugees and liberals can’t stand it. It’s driving them crazy for sure and it’s entertaining as hell to see. Liberals can’t take the truth and that’s what’s pissing them off.

Liberals say that criticism against Muslims and Syrians is “racist” ’cause the media says it is, liberals actually buy into that shit.

Liberals calling people “racist” is getting old though ’cause no one enjoys getting accused of that. I can’t stand our mainstream media for a lot of reasons. All they do is manipulate and control people. All they do is brainwash people’s minds. The media doesn’t report actual “news” like they used to. Liberals really believe that just because the media says it then it must be true which is truly pathetic.


After the Paris attack, Donald Trump is gonna win the election by a landslide, sorry haters!

Have you noticed that Donald Trump has gotten even more support than ever before? He’s more popular than every candidate now. He’s even more popular than Hillary and Bernie. Donald Trump is gonna keep getting bigger and bigger as time goes along. Yep, I’m pretty confident that Trump is definitely gonna be the next one no matter what happens.

Why did Trump get even more popular after the Paris attacks? Well, I’m pretty sure the reason is even more people are admitting that he’s right about the Border and what he says about Muslims. While I’m sure some people were skeptical of Trump becoming the next leader, they’re just admitting now that he’ll be a good one after all. I’m noticing that in my facebook personal page, more people joined in support Trump which is great to see.

Sorry haters, hate to break it to ya but looks like Trump is gonna be the next one. Dems are gonna try to steal this election by voter fraud again so they can help Hillary but it’s not gonna work. Why? Since Trump is too popular, it’s gonna stop voter fraud so they’ll have no choice but to let Trump win the election. I really do think Trump is gonna be the next one and I can’t wait.

We haven’t had a real president in decades and finally we’ll get one. Anybody who hates Trump are probably the same people who voted for Obama twice and probably loves Bernie Sanders. If you call yourself a conservative and still happen to hate Trump anyway, then you probably support Ted Cruz who isn’t even eligible.

Everybody wants Trump as president ’cause we all know that America is in trouble and we all want our country back. It’s time to get our country back. Liberals won’t win this election this time. Liberalism is just about done.