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When liberals call you racist, it means they are stumped and can’t win an argument or a debate…

These days it’s getting harder and harder to tell the truth about Black people, Muslims or people from other countries. If you do liberals will call you “racist”. That’s what’s tiresome about liberals. They call you racist at every turn. They’re obsessed with that word “racist” and to me it’s pretty scary. You can’t tell the truth about people who are basically not white and not American. Pretty funny when all these liberals do is talk shit about Dr. Ben Carson. Hypocrites I must say.

Like the title of this topic says, usually when liberals call you racist in a debate, it’s usually because they’re stumped (in other words, can’t think of anything else to say) and they can’t figure out a way to win a debate so they cry “racist”. It’s means that they gave up. It means that they lost the debate totally.

The reason that liberals thinks it’s okay to call people racist when they disagree with you is ’cause that’s what the Obama admin. wants. It’s how they’re dividing the country and they’re doing a fine job at that.

Liberals are going mad at all the criticism of the Syrian refugees, wow. Sure enough, liberals are calling people “racist” for opposing the Syrian refugee movement into the USA. It’s fun to watch the liberals implode. I truly believe that liberals can’t take the truth that Syrian refugees aren’t welcome in America. More and more Americans are waking up about Syrian refugees and liberals can’t stand it. It’s driving them crazy for sure and it’s entertaining as hell to see. Liberals can’t take the truth and that’s what’s pissing them off.

Liberals say that criticism against Muslims and Syrians is “racist” ’cause the media says it is, liberals actually buy into that shit.

Liberals calling people “racist” is getting old though ’cause no one enjoys getting accused of that. I can’t stand our mainstream media for a lot of reasons. All they do is manipulate and control people. All they do is brainwash people’s minds. The media doesn’t report actual “news” like they used to. Liberals really believe that just because the media says it then it must be true which is truly pathetic.


So Donald Sterling gets in trouble and nothing happens to Cliven Bundy for his racist comments? WTF is going on with this world…

Let me get this straight… so Donald Sterling the owner of the Clippers gets banned in the NBA for life and gets a very large fine for saying controversial racist comments but nothing happens to Cliven Bundy after he made those comments about comparing the Feds take over of his land to black slaves??? Even if Cliven Bundy made those comments — sure enough, Conservatives/Republicans were still defending him and staying by his side. Donald Sterling gets in trouble and Bundy gets a free pass? Yep, everybody thinks what Sterling said was bad while everyone still stood up to Cliven Bundy. Bundy made those comments and he’s still hiding behind the “Constitution”.

I’m not defending Donald Sterling, I hate what he said too and think they are racist comments but everybody should look at Cliven Bundy the same way. That’s kind of the point I’m trying to make, ya know what I mean? The only reason Conservatives/Republicans are still defending Cliven Bundy despite his racist comments is because they worship him for fighting back at the Feds. You know how people are. They’ll worship their heroes no matter how much trouble they get in the media.

This is almost starting to make me feel ashamed to be a right-winger a little bit. People are delusional and messed up in this country. Racism is obviously a huge problem still. If Dr. Martin King was still alive today… he would be disgusted with America playing the race-card. I think Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are lousy activists. Dr. King would have handled things better than they did.


Does famous cook Paula Deen deserves all the stuff she’s getting??? I’d say no…

I posted my thoughts on this in facebook this morning and when I got back home (I was out all day), it got some pretty heated responses so I took it down. I defended Paula Deen, the famous chef who is known for having her own show on the Food Network TV station. I have watched her show a lot and I quite like her. Still do. This incident with Paula Deen happened years ago, and it’s real insane how people are getting all over her about it today.

Whether she’s telling the truth about the Southern culture part of things or not, I believe she isn’t racist. I mean — admit it — who hasn’t said or done racist things in our lives? I’m sure we’ve all had. On top of that, the South has had a huge problem with racism for many years so do you really find this a surprise? Who cares. Leave this woman alone and move on with your own lives. There are better and more important things to get mad about.

Paula is innocent and doesn’t deserve the crap she’s getting. She made the mistake years ago, get over it. It seems that when celebrities get caught saying racist stuff — it’s like career suicide for them. Look at Michael Richards (Kramer from “Seinfeld”) and Quentin Tarantino. Brad Paisley too! That’s the thing with today’s media and the internet. It destroys people lives and that’s why fame is dangerous. You shouldn’t blame these celebrity for racist things when quite honestly this whole freakin’ world is racist so stop being a bunch of hypocrites people. Hypocrisy, gotta love it.

I don’t agree with the N word or other racial slurs — people say it by mistake or entertainment purposes but don’t go calling other people racist when you’re no different.

There’s racism that goes on everywhere. Not just the south. It’s pretty crazy how black people can call each other “n***ers” all they want to and others have no problem with it but when white people do it, that’s offensive. *rolls eyes*. Racism happens against white people too and there is no outrage there.

Stephen King has used the N word in his novels all the time and there’s no outrage there either.

So shut up, leave this woman alone, and get over it. Move along, nothing else to see here.