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Liberals don’t deserve to be treated with civility and here’s why…

Liberals ask us to treat them with civility and be tolerant with them but they don’t deserve to. They deserve to be called out, bashed on and hated on for a lot of reasons… it’s hard to count. I can name several reasons why the liberal community doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect and I’ll explain why too.

Here’s several reasons why they deserve all the hate:

  • They take away our freedoms and rights: This is the big one. They take away our freedom of speech and it’s getting much worse. They don’t give us the right to believe in the second amendment, they want to take our guns away. They won’t allow us to defend traditional marriage when we should have every right to be against gay marriage. We should have every right to express opinions and our own beliefs but when we have different opinions and views than the left, liberals will get all confrontational and argue with us about things when they’re disagreed with. It’s called, intolerance, y’all. Liberals don’t have tolerance and they haven’t had tolerance since 2008.
  • They can’t accept the truth when we try to educate them: All we’re doing is trying to educate these jackasses. Provide them with facts and truth. They won’t believe any of it no matter how true it is. They’re opinions are too damn one-sided, they only agree with left-wing opinions. I’ll talk more about that in a little bit. They continue to argue and bitch. Argue and bitch. Blah blah blah…
  • They try to ban everything in America: Need I say more? They were successful at trying to ban the Confederate Flag. I think the only reason they banned the Confederate Flag ’cause they failed at trying to ban everything else. I hope they’re proud of themselves too.
  • Their opinions & views are pretty one-sided, they only stay on the far left: They blindly follow everything the mass media says which is the last place where they should be getting their info from ’cause these liberals are being brainwashed by the mass media for sure. I’m not afraid to say it. They think Republicans are the bad guys and Democrats are the good guys. They only support Democrat  politicians and presidential candidates. They don’t have to be that way at all and they know it. There’s nothing wrong with them supporting GOP candidates too. The elections aren’t really that black & white, ya know? You should be supporting candidates that are for your best interests, not siding with your political party. Don’t get me wrong, I would support a Democrat candidate if he/she has stuff that I like but so far there are no good Democrat candidates. This is one reason why liberals are a piece of work ’cause their opinions are always one sided and it’s pissing me the fuck off. Seriously.
  • Liberals don’t treat us with civility: Like I said above, liberals can be all confrontational and argumentative when they’re disagreed with. They can also be a bunch of bullies, hateful & spiteful people. Calling you every name in the book like “racist”, “homophobe”, “conspiracy theorist”, “trouble maker” and “bigot”. This is a big reason why they deserve to be called a “libtard”. We don’t call them “libtards” for no reason.
  • Many of them are uneducated and misinformed with their politics:  They support a lot of liberal and Democrat politicians that they shouldn’t be supporting like Barack, Hillary and Bernie Sanders for one. That’s because they don’t care to do deeper research most of the time. They also get most of their info and facts wrong ’cause they rely on getting info from garbage like the Washington Post, snopes or Media Matters.
  • They are gullible and naive most of the time: Quick to believing everything the mass mainstream media says. Quick to believing everything Obama and his admin. says. As long as they say it then it must be true, I guess (sarcasm). Examples of that are liberals believing that gay marriage is a right when it isn’t, liberals believing that Obamacare works and is not out to destroy you, believing that the TPP trade will help the economy, believing that Climate Change is real and believing that FCC internet regulations is a good thing for America.
  • They refuse to be realistic about the Barack Obama presidency: I think this is pretty much the biggest reason why we’re fed up with liberals ’cause they refuse to accept the fact that Obama is the enemy of America. We try our best to tell them but all they do is defend him at every turn. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

So yeah, these reasons are several pretty good reasons why liberals deserve that word, “libtard”.

If liberals want more respect then they must earn it. Not only that Barack Obama is the enemy of America, liberalism is the enemy of America as well. Make no mistake about it.

Liberals love to play innocent victim and pretend they’re doing nothing wrong most of the time. Liberalism is changing America big time and it’s not good. That’s why we need Donald Trump in the White House so we can change America back the way it was before and make our homeland great again!