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Report: John Singleton pulls out of directing “The A-Team” remake…

“Boyz in The Hood” and “Shaft” director John Singleton has been confirmed and attached to directing “The A-Team” remake but has pulled out of directing the film because Twentieth Century Fox wanted more time to write the script, so they pushed “The A-Team” film back to 2010.

For the past year or so, Singleton seemed committed into directing “The A-Team” remake until now. Singleton had plot ideas that he wanted the film to not be a comedy at all but to be more like 80’s action movies. While there was no cast for “The A-Team” film, Singleton approached Woody Harrelson to play the role of Murdoch but Harrelson never confirmed the role. It has also been long rumoured that either Ice Cube or Tyrese Gibson will play B.A. Baracus.

Variety Reports:


That’s kind of too bad. I was rooting for Singleton to make the A-Team remake ’cause I think he’s the only director that can make a really good “A-Team” movie knowing what he did to the “Shaft” remake. Now that Singleton is out, I don’t want this film made at all.


Report: “Watchmen” federal court trial set for January 6…

The federal judge has set a trial date for FOX vs. Warner Bros. feud over the “Watchmen” movie which is set to release theaters everywhere March 6th. The trial date is January 6, that is the day when the trial begins to decide whether the film gets released or not through Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. and FOX are fighting over who really owns the rights to the “Watchmen” superhero film adapted from the graphic novel. FOX vows to get the movie shut down and canned, Warner Bros. continues to fight back and defend the film.

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Don’t worry Watchmen fans. I think Warner Bros. will win the battle so the film can get released. I think the release of March will see the light of day. Just hang in there and you’ll see what I mean.