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Cool Video: Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” teaser is here!!!

Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” teaser hit the web. It’s not really an official teaser, just a first look kind of thing. With footage from the series, behind the scene stuff, and of course, interviews with, Stephen King himself. “Under The Dome” is one of the best books Stephen King has written in the last 10 years. It’s a long book, over 1,000 pages thick, but I read through the whole thing. I really hope they do a good job with the show ’cause it looks interesting. I’m always skeptical of Stephen King TV shows, mini series or big screen movies ’cause King hasn’t made that many good films over the years. I’ll watch the first episode of “Under the Dome”, to see how it is.

Check out the video, here.


Report: Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” will get aired on CBS as a 13 episode TV series…

The Stephen King and Steven Spielberg collaborated TV show, “Under the Dome”, which will be adapted from King’s novel, was going to get aired on Showtime, but the crew behind this project, felt that cable wasn’t right for this and they made an official deal with CBS to get it aired on there instead. It will be a TV series, not a mini-series. The 1st season will be 13 episodes and there will be more seasons. “Under the Dome” is a science fiction novel that is over a thousand pages long, and yes, I’ve read the whole thing. It’s a really great book, and I would suggest you all to read it if you’re a King fan.

The article says, that this isn’t going to be a re-telling of the same story, it’s going to be a TV friendly version. So you can expect them to leave so much out and change things around a lot. Only thing though, Stephen King on TV is usually garbage. I’ll admit that “Bag of Bones” with Pierce Brosnan, was absolutely horrible.

Hopefully, they redeem themselves this time and make this show a good one. I’ll watch the first episode of “Dome”, to see how it is. If I don’t like, next please. “Dome” is a really amazing book, I couldn’t put this down and I hope they don’t ruin the story.

I wonder whose going to be playing Barbie Barbara (yes, a male character) and “Big Jim” Rennie? The two main characters of the story.

I wish them luck on this project. If they can last a full season and get a lot of ratings, I’d be surprised. I’m kind of skeptical Spielberg producing “Dome”, because his dinosaur show, “Terra Nova” only lasted one season.

See the story, here.


Report: Steven King to team up with Stephen Spielberg to bring “Under the Dome” to Showtime…

Stephen Spielberg is already hard at work on two different TV shows, “Falling Skies”, and, “Terra Nova”. Spielberg is about to work on his third TV show in which he will team up with Stephen King on bringing his book, “Under the Dome” to the small screen. “Under the Dome” will be a TV series for the Showtime channel.

More on it, here.

I wonder who’s going to be playing Barbie and Big Jim Rennie, the book’s two big characters.

I’ve read the book. It’s very good. It’s way over a thousand pages long, but yep, I read the whole thing. It’s one of his best new books in a while. It’s strictly sci fi so, it’s no surprise that Spielberg would be all over it.

Yet, another reason to get Showtime. I will get the Showtime channel before Oct. 3rd ’cause of “Dexter – Season 6”.


Report: Stephen King and Steven Spielberg to work together again, they will bring us, “Under the Dome” to the small screen!!!

Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, once worked together to bring us, “The Talisman” into a TV min-series, but the project was dropped due to budget costs. King and Dreamworks just greenlighted the rights for, “Under the Dome” to be made into a TV mini-series. “Under the Dome” is a brand new novel by Stephen King that was just released.

Variety Reports:


Now that JJ Abrams is no longer doing, “The Dark Tower” series into a movie, somehow I get this feeling, that Spielberg might take over.

It’s great to see King and Spielberg working together after all these years. Hopefully they’ll get something on the big screen too, and it should be, “The Dark Tower”. I think Spielberg would make a great, “Dark Tower” movie too.