Thought: Conan’s final show was wondefully done!!!

Last night’s Conan O’ Brien final show of “The Tonight Show” was really excellent! Loved it all the way through! Liked it when Steve Carrell made an appearance last night! Tom Hanks was entertaining as usual. Yes, it was Tom Hanks that gave Conan, the “Coco” name as they said on last night’s show. I knew it was Tom that gave him that nickname. What did Tom do that he had up his sleeve? He came out wearing sunglasses and celebrated Conan’s last show with Cream soda!

Neil Young’s set was amazing. I loved the song he played. It must be a new song he wrote that he doesn’t have on any of his records anywhere ’cause I never heard it before. He did his usual acoustic thing. Yes, it was the real Neil Young. Not Jimmy Fallon.

I also liked the “Free Bird” jam with Will Ferrell, Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Beck, Conan, and the Max Weinberg 7. That was actually an impressive jam. I don’t like Will Ferrell too much but he did a great job singing, “Free Bird”. You wonder, who is that mystery pregnant woman Will Ferrell was smooching with on stage? I didn’t know who that pregnant woman was, so I looked it up and it was Viveca Paulin, Will’s longtime wife and soul mate he’s been with since 1995. I loved it when Will brought out the cowbell, his signature cowbell segment from the Christopher Walken SNL Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” cowbell skit.

I was surprised on how good Conan was on the guitar. He was really rockin’. Conan the guitar expert. He definitely knows his shit and he is profesional guitarist. Playing up and down the neck, even soloing some lead parts as well. You ask, why didn’t Conan become a famous musician when he loves guitars so much? I guess Conan loved comedy more and wanting a career in that more than music. He just does music as a hobby. Guess he went to college for comedy and TV broadcasting instead of taking up music profesionally.

I also loved his speech at the end of the show when he thanked his fans for the support, the rally, the internet, and the people watching on TV at home.

Honestly, I won’t miss Conan. He’ll still be on TV in between Sept. 1st. I’m sure Conan will be offered a string of TV interviews from the Today Show, Larry King, Bill O’ Reilly, etc. to talk about this NBC feud everywhere in news. So he’ll always be on TV in different shows now that he’ll have the free time to do all that.

Although, Conan’s gig with the “Tonight Show” didn’t last long, it was still a huge honor for him that he won’t forget.


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