Senator Ted Cruz is making US history on the Senate floor!!!

This is pretty incredible stuff. Senator Ted Cruz started his speech on “Obamacare Defunding” on the Senate Floor yesterday and he made it pretty clear that he’s going to keep talking until he is no longer able to stand. He really meant it too. His speech went on through out the night and still going. No breaks at all. No sitting down. No bathroom breaks. No food or drink breaks. Just talking all night long. I see Ted still going on all day today and night. He could go on for a few days or more nonstop. As I explained before around the Rand Paul filibuster, it is allowed on the Senate floor. A Senator can talk for as long as he/she pleases. Rand Paul did his filibuster for 13 hours straight… Ted just broke his record. I didn’t listen to all of Ted’s speech since it would be way too long but I listened to a little bit yesterday and what he’s doing is pretty amazing stuff. I’m feeling that Ted is not going to stop until a decision is made that Obamacare has been defunded. Ted could go on until he falls to the floor. He could continue his speech for a full month or a full year if he wanted to.

I had a feeling that there is going to be a filibuster once the Obamacare case went to the Senate so this is no surprise. Ted is an awesome guy and he is my new hero in government. Get ’em Ted!


7 thoughts on “Senator Ted Cruz is making US history on the Senate floor!!!”

  1. Please explain your theory on how he could remain on the floor for days or weeks without a break for food or facilities.

    1. It’s not that hard to do. I can see him going on for the rest of this week and all next week. It’ll take a long time for him to keep talking until he drops. He may go on with no food or bathroom breaks but it’s worth it if he wants to send a message to America. It’s easy to hold it in for a long time if you gotta piss or shit. Not that hard to do.


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