What’s with the George W. Bush flip-flopping all of a sudden?

As far as I can remember, George W. Bush was one of the most-hated presidents during his reign. A lot of people called for impeachment and hoped he wouldn’t win the re-election for his second term as well. Now that George is no longer the president, he is all of a sudden loved by everyone???

Facebook is going off about George W.’s appearance on Jay Leno this week. It’s pretty funny how people say he’s a wonderful and cool guy now.

Don’t you remember that this was the guy who was late on responding to 9/11/01? Lied his head off about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Started the Patriot Act law that no one likes. Got us involved in a long and pointless war in Iraq/Afghanistan. This was the guy who turned our economy into a big mess. He had his share of killing lots of innocent women, children and civilians overseas. The list can go on.

This guy was a tyrannical maniac as well. I know Bush is Conservative/Republican but that doesn’t mean I can respect him. Even though I never liked Bush… I would say that he was a better president than Obama, though. Obama just makes Bush look too good.

Everyone’s going off about George W.’s appearance on Leno saying that he was enjoyable and funny to watch. It doesn’t matter if George has a funny sense of humor or not. Once a bad man, always a bad man. You can’t change that. The man maybe a hardcore Conservative but I never liked him. Still don’t!

I refuse to watch that appearance on Leno ’cause I don’t like Leno either.


One thought on “What’s with the George W. Bush flip-flopping all of a sudden?”

  1. The problem I that he really is a personable guy – the life of the party, easy to get along with. It’s easier to see that side of him when he’s not under pressure and being controlled by his handlers. Make no mistake, those years he spent in the White House, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove were pulling all the strings.

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