Even if Obama didn’t order the Benghazi attack, he’s still gonna get in a lot of trouble either way…

Yes, I know another post about Benghazi. I know you guys are probably sick of my Benghazi posts but like I said before, I’m not gonna rest until justice is done and until we get answers from this tragedy. I’m gonna keep talking about Benghazi until I drive you crazy. I’ll make Benghazi posts like 10 times a day if I wanted and not give a fuck. Why? Because it’s patriotism and I love the USA… that’s what I do this for. I’m gonna keep reminding people about Benghazi and try my best to prove to people how evil Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton really are. I’m not gonna stop until everyone sees it.

Even if it turns out that Obama didn’t plan the attack himself, he’s still gonna get into a lot of deep trouble either way. Why? Well, first of all he didn’t do anything to save lives when he easily could have. He wasn’t active during the attack. He did so much lying and covering up. He will STILL get many charges even if he didn’t order the attack. He’ll get charges like Obstruction of Justice, Treason, etc. Even if he didn’t plan the attack and orchestrated it himself, him not responding to Benghazi is STILL worthy of impeachment and removal from office.

There’s a lot of talk that Democrats in Congress may boycott the Benghazi investigation but I’d say let ’em go. Fuck ’em. All the Dems are gonna try to do is give the Republicans a bunch of bullshit, lies, and they’ll try their best to defend the Obama administration instead of helping to seek the truth. I think the Republicans will do a great job on their own without the Democrats. It would be nice that Democrats and Republicans would work together on seeking the truth of Benghazi but nope… Democrats in Congress are pretty loyal to President Obama. They refuse to get the truth on Benghazi ’cause Democrats are simply afraid of what kind of truth that may come out of it. The Dems are just scared to learn about what bad stuff that may come out of Obama about the attack. Things like the Dems don’t wanna learn that Obama may have been involved in a gun running operation or that if he planned the whole attack himself… those are things that Dems are afraid to hear.

We really need to know the full truth of Benghazi. We need to know everything so I hope Trey Gowdy and the Republicans do a good job and not half-ass it.

The Dems also wanna criticize the Republicans for fundraising over the Benghazi attacks. The last time I checked, the Dems had a long history of fundraising for past tragedies like the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon Bombings — many others. Just more hypocrisy from the liberal community trying to make themselves look good.

I really hate how the Democrats/Liberal side wanna ignore everything bad about President Obama and Hillary Clinton. The left knows that Obama and Hillary have done some pretty bad and evil things — they are not being honest about it. The left really do think there is nothing wrong with Obama and Hillary. It’s crazy. A lot of people from the left still want Hillary for President in 2016 too.

When it comes to politics you shouldn’t side with everybody on your party. You need to be realistic about everything and be honest with yourself. I maybe Republican/conservative but that still doesn’t mean I have to side with every right-winger politician as I think some of them are real scum bags like Mitt Romney and John McCain for example. I’m starting to lose my respect for Rand Paul a little too. I also think Michele Bachmann is a bit of a nutjob and I don’t like Rush Limbaugh too much either. I also didn’t think George W. Bush wasn’t that great of a President either. See? I don’t side with everybody on the right even if I’m a right-winger. It’s all about being realistic with yourself.

I know it drives the left crazy every time Benghazi is brought up. Well that’s too bad. Benghazi is never going away until the full truth comes out. Once the full truth comes out and those are held accountable, then everyone in America can move on from Benghazi. That’s just the way it is. Sorry but that’s the truth.

When will America wake up and learn that Barack Obama is not a good guy at all and Hillary is not America’s sweet-heart???

It’s understandable how the left wanna think George W. Bush was behind “9-11-01” in NYC but hell, even Republicans want answers on 9-11-01 too! I mean Walter Jones (republican) and Stephen Lynch (Democrat) have both been fighting to get the truth behind the WTC attacks for a long time now. We want answers on 9-11-01 just as much as Benghazi. All mysterious tragedies and crimes deserves answers. All of them.

The left really needs to stop being so scared of the truth of Benghazi. It’s nuts, ya know?

The left wants to think of Republicans as nuts and they’ve been accused of doing Benghazi for their own political agendas and for the upcoming 2014 elections. Not true at all.

Us Republicans/Conservatives really take Benghazi seriously and committed to seeking the truth.

Justice will be done. The truth will come out. Trey Gowdy and the team will do a great job. It’s gonna be tough and difficult to get everything but they’ll do it. Benghazi is pretty serious stuff and they’ll show you that it’s no phony scandal.

Never Forget Benghazi. Happy Mother’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Even if Obama didn’t order the Benghazi attack, he’s still gonna get in a lot of trouble either way…”

    1. Thanks. Whether it’s a special holiday or not, I’ll still talk politics if it’s worth posting. I’m not done with this Benghazi stuff. Far from it.

      I also think the media have been helping to protect Barack and Hillary and maybe I’ll have a post on that tomorrow. The media is a huge part of the Benghazi cover-up. This is why a lot of liberals don’t care about Benghazi ’cause the media was successful at controlling them thinking that Benghazi is not important. Trey Gowdy will prove to America that Benghazi matters.


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