How the media is helping to protect the Obama administration over Benghazi…

I think it’s safe to say that the national news media have also been helping to cover-up the Obama administration over the Benghazi attacks. If you want proof of that, here it is:

1) Sharyl Attkisson leaving CBS news ’cause they stopped stories on Benghazi, Operation: F&F, etc.

2) Most notably the “smoking gun” e-mail that exposes Susan Rice.

So that’s pretty much all the proof that you need that national news media have been helping to protect this administration. News media like CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NYTimes, etc. The only news media outlet who refuses to protect this administration is obviously FOXNews who vows to help get to the bottom of Benghazi (No wonder Barack hates FOXNews so much, right?). The left hates FOXNews but the right thinks FOXNews is great to what they’re doing with Benghazi. I think FOXNews is doing a good job too on Benghazi.

So you may ask, how is the news media helping to protect this administration??? Well, the news media have been doing so much lying and cover-up too. I think it’s because the administration have been in close contact with all of these news networks and they work together. I am almost certain that this administration pays these news stations A LOT of money to make Obama “look good” and innocent. Either that or the news reporters are just as ignorant and delusional — they decided to protect the administration ’cause if they decided to attack the President over Benghazi… they could lose a lot of ratings and money — they would be in a lot of controversy if they attacked Obama. Some of them help cover up the Benghazi attack ’cause if they were honest about it… that could get hurt their networks. They make the President look good over Benghazi as a way to protect their jobs.

Love FOXNews or hate ’em, they have balls for helping the Benghazi investigation.

Now… the news media was successful at getting a lot of people to think that Barack is innocent and getting people to think that Benghazi doesn’t matter. How? It’s all control and manipulation. It’s called media brainwashing, I believe. When Barack called it a “phony scandal”, Susan Rice blamed it on a video, and Jay Carney said, “it happened a long time ago”… a lot of people actually bought into their lies and fell for it. Why? Because people are naive and dumb. The media was successful at getting people thinking that this administration had no involvement with Benghazi.

This is why not enough people care about Benghazi. This is how this administration gets away with Benghazi. It’s all money, power, and control. That’s the kind of thing that Barack have been good at. It is how he weaseled his way into the White House with money, power, and control. That’s all this man is about, you see. That’s what people can’t understand about this man.

My question is… why would all of these people be willing to protect Barack Obama over his crimes (Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Kathleen Sibelius, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, etc.)? Why would they risk their own lives to let Obama get away with his crimes??? It’s all about money, power, and control. What’s this man wants is what he gets. People agreed to protect Obama to save their own lives and their own careers. I’m almost 100% sure that Obama threatened these people who protect him behind the scenes. If they decide to talk, they would lose their jobs or worse their life. If they did something to make Obama look bad, they could be next on Obama’s long list of “mysterious accident” deaths. That’s why these people protect him. They are paid so much money to keep quiet aka “hush money”.

Not only that Obama needs to be held accountable, I think all those involved in Obama’s crimes need to be jailed too… that includes all the news reporters who tried to help protect him.

Like I repeatedly said before, the upcoming Benghazi investigations… Trey Gowdy and the team will show America that Benghazi is the real deal and it matters. This investigation will expose the media’s lies about the tragedy. If the media did their jobs, then maybe a lot more people would have believed in Benghazi. The left continues to look at the media as “credible” source, while the right are quick at believing the media is all bullshit. Why does the left continue to believe that media is real? Because they’re naive and dumb. Most news is bullshit… that includes the Washington Post. Most news in this day and age is not too credible. You can’t believe everything what you see reported on TV… you can’t believe everything you read in articles/opinionated columns on blogs… blah blah blah. You get the deal here.

This man, Barack Obama is extremely dangerous and evil. It will get proven soon. I think sometime before his second term is up… that’s when everyone in America will finally realize it. I think the truth of Benghazi will get everyone to wake up about this man. Give it time.

Never forget Benghazi.


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