Here is more proof that the Obama administration knew early that Benghazi was a terrorist attack…

The terrorists who attacked Benghazi which I’m pretty sure it’s Ansar Al Sharia took cell phones from the CIA annex to call their terrorist leaders on the progress of the attack so that probably means that the Obama administration already knew beforehand that this was an act of terror and it wasn’t over some silly video.

I bet the White House still have those calls that the terrorists made with each other so the Obama administration definitely knew what was going on that night. They were watching and listening to everything going on. I bet they knew about those cell phones too.

4 Americans dead and nothing have been done about it. They just sat there… watched and listened to everything going on.

Who knows who those terrorists were really talking to that night, though. There had to be times where the terrorists had to be in contact with the Obama administration too. I’m almost positive Obama had a chat with them.



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