A great video explaining why Benghazi matters…

This guy did a way better job explaining Benghazi than I did. He totally nailed it all the way through.

He’s totally right that Benghazi matters because it’s all about competence and character with the elected officials. It’s not really about blaming Barack and Hillary at all… it’s all about competence and character. It’s about their actions and the way they responded to Benghazi.

If they keep lying and covering about so much stuff, then they definitely have something to hide. What are they keeping from us? Whether it’s a gun running operation or a prisoner trade-in attempt or whether or not they wanted those 4 men dead, whatever it is… they are definitely hiding something and it’s gonna be something really bad. Something that they don’t want us the American people to know about.

Bill Whittle is the freakin’ man! Check out his cool video. Worth watching.

Benghazi matters. It really does. Never Forget Benghazi.


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