Not everyone is designed to be a liberal, ya know???

To the left, it seems that “opinion” is a one-way street to them. Almost all of the time. I don’t wanna get into this whole Indiana debate but that whole thing with liberals getting outraged over the “Religious Freedom” law further proves that liberal intolerance has gotten much worse.

Liberals are so scared of conservatives. They really are.

If you’re a conservative like me, they won’t listen to your criticism on Barack Obama and Hillary. They won’t listen to your criticism of how broken and corrupted the Democrat party is. They won’t let you have your opinion on gay marriage, gun control and things like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc.

When people see that you have conservative views in politics, people will be disappointed in you and they’ll refuse to support you. Some people you know will stop talking to you ’cause of your conservative political beliefs. If people see that you have conservative political views, people will do their best to try to make you look like a liberal by saying things like, “This is a liberal view and that is a liberal view”. I think they are just doing that as a way to trick you into believing that you aren’t conservative and they try to get you to have a change of heart with “liberalism”. Nope, not happening and not working. I’ll never have a change of heart with “liberalism” and I would always have a 100% pure dislike toward it.

The left will call you all kinds of names like bigots, racists and all that stuff. When you want to talk about anti-Obama stuff, the only responses the left can come up with is George W. Bush and republicans. If that’s the only response that the left can come up with then they are unfit for political debates. It means that conservatives totally won the debates ’cause the left can’t think of anything other than blame Bush and Republicans. If you ask them to show proof to back up their claims, chances are… they’ll show you a link from a liberal news site such as the Washington Post or Media Matters.

On top of that, I don’t think they are really “liberals” as they claim to be. They are pretending to be human rights activists and all that. Well, I got some news for ya… well “conservatism” has human rights too: traditional marriage, having the rights to have guns, small government, lower taxes, “legal” immigration, etc. All that stuff is “human rights” too but of course, liberals will never understand that truth.

Point being, liberalism isn’t designed for everyone but according to them… it is. When you don’t have the same views as they do, you’re immediately a horrible person. It’s crazy. I can’t stand the way today’s politics is. I swear it never used to be this way before Obama which is why that we are in need of a conservative president so we can have another “conservative” movement… I’m not a big fan of Ted Cruz but I am starting to believe that I think we really need him in the White House.


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