If you hate Donald Trump then you probably support either Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz instead…

The way I’m seeing this is that if you’re a Donald Trump hater then you’re probably a Bernie Sanders or a Ted Cruz supporter. It’s that’s how it’s going these days? Yep, certainly seems like it! I don’t like how this is too! Ya know, I’ve never seen the “conservative” community this divided mainly because Ted Cruz is dividing it. The “conservative” community used to come together and be a team but we’re not anymore. These days conservatives have split up and hating on each other. It’s Trump supporters vs. Ted Cruz supporters. Cruz supporters have been going after Trump supporters like mad. Wow. That’s how divided the “conservative” community has gotten and that’s what I’ve been trying to say in these blogs.

A lot of people make the mistake that if you’re a Trump supporter, you lose a lot of respect from people around you and it makes you a bad person if you support Trump. People don’t want you supporting Trump ’cause they think he’s evil and think hes the enemy of America. Really? No. Correction: I haven’t lost a lot of respect from people around me and I’m not a bad person at all. I’m quite good, thank you. With me being a proud Trump supporter, I’ve gotten more respect from other people who are Trump supporters and I’ve gotten positive feedback from them.

If I were to lose respect from someone and they stopped supporting me ’cause I’m a Trump supporter then chances are, you’re either a Bernie supporter or a Ted Cruz supporter. I’m exactly right most of the time. It’s turning out that Ted Cruz supporters hate Trump and they go after people who support Trump. I know, ’cause even I’m starting to get slammed by Ted Cruz supporters for supporting Trump. For example, I’ve started to have an argument on twitter with a woman who is a Ted Cruz supporter check it out.

Funny how this woman accuses me of calling people names ’cause they don’t support Trump but they do the same thing when we don’t support their precious Ted Cruz. Hypocrite I must say?

Once again, I thought the “Conservative” community used to be that we get together to get our country back and fight back at Barack Obama like we all used to do? These days during election season, conservatives are at war with each other between Trump supporters and Cruz supporters. Isn’t that strange?

I don’t blame this on Trump. I blame this on Ted.

Well, I must say that it’s pretty obvious that Ted Cruz taught his supporters to get into hating on Trump and his supporters and Ted did a great job of that, I see.

What’s going on with the conservative community that I once thought we were something special? Now we’re at war with each other like I said. That’s why I’ve always said I was getting turned off by the conservative community and wanted to go “independent”, ya know what I mean? If you’re gonna split the conservative party like this, I think the Trump supporters needs to have a new party name. This is why we need a third party.

I don’t really like how politics is going these days. It’s like, if you support others candidate then you’re cool. If you don’t support their candidate, you’re an enemy. That’s how it’s going these days? Seems like it.

Our political system is very divided and this is another reason why we need Trump in the White House ’cause like he said, “he’ll be the great unifier”. We all need to stop this back and forth attacking. We need to find a way to get along and love each other again. Donald Trump will do that when he’s elected.


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