Why Trump haters are a bunch of dumbasses, it’s just hilarious…

While it is annoying as fuck that there are Trump haters all over the place, I don’t mind though. To me, I find all the Trump hating to be entertaining and amusing. These people just don’t realize that they are actually helping Trump get elected when they are not even realizing it. The reason that a lot of Trump haters are so dumb is ’cause they waste all that time hating on him in their facebook walls. Going on these harsh rants bashing the hell out of him. Trump haters would also go around posting negative memes about Trump and misinformed negative articles about Trump in facebook hoping to turn off supporters. That’s the thing, ya know? All those negative stuff about Trump whether it will be memes or negative news articles… most of that stuff is misinformed and untrue at best. I mean, liberals would do anything they can to find anything negative about Trump. They try to but they fail every time. Most every negative thing they post about Trump is pretty much bullshit and most untrue.

For example Trump’s People magazine quote where he said that Republicans are the dumbest group of voters, that meme is totally false as Trump never said that for People mag. Snopes debunked that stupid meme: http://www.snopes.com/1998-trump-people-quote/

Pretty much anything that makes Trump look bad is untrue and false. It’s hilarious that liberals actually believe it. In my eyes, I don’t think liberals care whether that negative stuff about Trump is true or not ’cause they would do anything to make him look bad as a way to turn off supporters. Like I said before, I refuse to take their advice seriously when they support a loser like Bernie Sanders. When liberals hate Trump instead of Obama, all that’s proving is how one-sided their opinions always are.

If you hate Trump then you probably get your info from liberal garbage like RAW Story, Being Liberal or Occupy Democrats. Maybe you watch too much NBC and CNN. Most of the liberal media is wrong with their criticism toward Trump ’cause even they can be misinformed. They’re just doing whatever it takes to destroy Trump but then again, they don’t realize they are helping him as well. If you hate Trump ’cause the media does then there is something wrong with you for sure. You don’t have to agree with everything the media says. I certainly don’t. It’s why I don’t watch the news. I don’t follow any of it. I don’t follow any news on TV or the internet much. It’s easy to see how corrupt the mainstream media is. If you don’t think so and if you think the media is credible then there is something wrong with you. If you believe everything they say and side with them on everything, I hate people like that. Whatever happened to forming your own opinion and your own thoughts? Whatever happened to critical thinking skills in which people don’t do these days? Everybody wants to follow everything the media says. If they say it, then it must be true. You don’t have to think “left” all the time, dumbasses. It makes me sick that a lot of people will only side with left-wing opinion. Fuck ’em.

With me, I don’t care either way. Left or right, I’m gonna be realistic on both sides and I don’t give a fuck. It’s why we need Trump so people can stop this “one sided” bullshit and look at the world in a more honest direction. “One-sided” politics has gone too far indeed. If you hate Trump and love Bernie then you probably voted Obama twice. It means you’re a misinformed voter. That’s what people like Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders like to prey on. They like to prey on the “misinformed voters” but Mr. Trump doesn’t though. Donald Trump preys on the “smart” voters and that’s why they all hate us ’cause they know we’re the “smart” voters.

Have fun loving Bernie ’cause I know all you Bernie lovers are gonna get forced to vote Trump even if you don’t want to ’cause I know you don’t want to vote for Hillary. That’s how Mr. Trump is gonna take Bernie’s voters.


7 thoughts on “Why Trump haters are a bunch of dumbasses, it’s just hilarious…”

    1. I agree with you whole heartedly. That’s why there is so much fake news, including yahoo front page. They lie so much that they should be should not be able to post anything about Trump. Bunch of back stabbing asswipes as far as I’m concerned.

  1. I think Bernie supporters will stay closer to party, regardless of what Hillary says or thinks. It goes back to your other post about voting party line. It’s close enough to their party that they will stay.

    1. Glad you’re one of the few former Bernie supporters just waking up. One thing I have noticed is that more former Bernie supporters political views have been evolving to the right lately which is amazing to see. However, though there are still too many dumb and uneducated people who still love Bernie but still hate Trump. I’ll have a blog post on that today.


  2. These people are a sorry lot. They stick to the liars and cheaters. But in all realaity Trump has really won. Maybe not in politics but he won. These stupid cheaters and criers are just soaking up their wins and do not realize that Trump is the winnerand the hero. If you have to cheat to win you have already loss. I hope you are prepared for the wrath of God.

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