Hillary clinches Democratic nomination, Bernie is mathematically eliminated… bye, bye, Bernie!!!

For the longest time, Bernie Sanders kept predicting that the Democratic Convention will be a “contested convention”. Look like there is no chance of that happening now ’cause in order to make a “contested/brokered” convention happen is that a candidate will be unable to get the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Well Hillary just clinched the Democratic nomination this week. That also means that Bernie is mathematically eliminated. He’s got no chance so Bernie Sanders is done. Sure there are 5 states left in the primaries today in both Republican/Democrat but Bernie’s still got no chance mathematically. So that means Bernie will have no choice but to drop out this week. It’s no surprise that Hillary was gonna clinch the nomination ’cause the Democrat side of the election is so rigged.

Will all the Bernie supporters vote for Trump in order to stop Hillary? No. They actually have an option now ’cause Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson just clinched the nomination. Gary Johnson is just another loser Trump hater who is desperate to stop Trump. All of Gary Johnson’s policies and ideas are similar to Bernie’s so I’m pretty sure all the Bernie fans will be voting for Gary Johnson. Still though, even though Gary Johnson gained some more popularity, he’s still got no chance either.

Bernie fans want their Bernie to win California but I’m predicting that’s not gonna happen either. Hillary’s gonna take California ’cause she’s got all those illegal aliens and they’ll all vote for her. Yeah, illegal aliens are not allowed to vote but I’m sure Hillary and George Soros just gave them the right to become registered voters, no doubt about it. Hillary will take California today.

Deal with it, haters… Trump is gonna win the General Election by a landslide this November. Bernie fans are already imploding ’cause they knows he’s out. Goodbye Bernie, good riddance. If Bernie hadn’t sent out his supporters to disrupt Trump rallies then maybe he would have had a better chance, hey?



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