Media is trying to make Trump look like a racist and woman hater but it isn’t gonna work…

The mainstream media is trying all they can to make Mr. Trump look like a racist and a woman hater but as you can see most people aren’t buying their shit. So what if Mr. Trump called a black supporter “African-American”. The term African-American was never a racist term until Trump started using it. In fact, last time I checked, people thought the word “black” was more offensive than “African-American”. Most people preferred to use “African-American” but once Trump said that, it’s now racist? Wow. All the media is doing is doing all they can to make Mr. Trump look like a racist.

The media is trying all they can to make it look like that Trump hates Mexicans/Latinos. They’re trying to make it look like he’s a racist toward Mexicans, blacks, asians, etc. Whatever skin color that is not white, they’re trying to make it look like Trump hates them.

If people would get their facts straight… Mexican isn’t a race. It’s not.

Look it up in “Google”:

Is there a Mexican race?
Mestizo, Chicano, Latino, Hispanic, Mexican, Salvadoran and Puerto Rican are popular. But they don’t identify race, but rather ethnicity, culture and national heritage. (We love how some Asian Americans identify themselves as Hawaiian.

Do your research and you would learn that Mexico/Latino isn’t a race at all.

Mr. Trump has been in the public eye for over 30 years. He’s been so famous for many years but before his president run he has never been accused of racism until now.

As far as Trump hating women goes, that’s a big load of bull. There’s only one woman who Mr. Trump says nasty things to and that’s Rosie O’ Donnell. On top of that, Rosie O’ Donnell deserves all the trash-talking by Trump ’cause she’s nothing but a cunt and people are feeling sorry for that bitchI? Mr. Trump only talked-trash at Rosie and suddenly, he hates women? Once again, WOW!

Keep in mind Trump runs the USA Pageant, he has hired plenty of women through his businesses over the years and he had female contestants on his show “Celebrity Apprentice”. There is no freakin’ way that he hates women.

Most of us are supporting him anyways ’cause we know the media is full of shit most of the time. Anybody that actually believes the media is naive and dumb. Even someone with a half brain would know that the media is full of it.

All the media wants to do is to make Trump look bad. They are worse than the tabloids and gossip stuff. I freakin’ hate the media so much, it’s why I don’t watch the news anymore. The media trying to make Trump look like a racist and a woman hater is getting old. They need to stop. There’s no proof of Trump being a racist and a woman hater. The media is so obsessed at destroying Trump, why don’t they ever go after Obama? Obama is a guy who hates white people, hates Christians and Obama is a closeted homosexual. Why don’t the media investigate all that? Nope. The media is all Trump, Trump, Trump. All the time. It’s disgusting.

I’m noticing that the media treats Bernie Sanders unfairly as well and liberals are mad at the media for treating Bernie badly. You upset at media ’cause they treat your Bernie unfairly? Well media is treating Trump the same way. The only reason is ’cause the media is in bed with Hillary. The media wants Bernie and Trump out of the election. The media piss me off so much, I’m so tired of them. I’m glad I never became a journalist and I almost had that dream at one time.

While the media sucks so much, all they’re doing is helping Trump win. That’s how he’s gonna get the landslide in Nov. with the help of the media. Bad publicity can sometimes be a good thing, right?



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