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BREAKING NEWS: Frank Darabont quits the “Walking Dead”!!!!

Well, who didn’t see this one coming? Frank Darabont just attended this week’s San Diego Comic Con to take the stage and talk with reporters to promote “Season 2”, and just a few days later, he announced he is quitting the series. Frank Darabont is the man responsible for bringing us the series based on the comic books. He didn’t explain the reason why he is stepping down.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Good, who needs him. The guy seems like a prick anyway considering he fired all the writers from Season 1 and replaced new writers for Season 2.

I’m sure the show will do fine without him.


Cool Video: “Walking Dead – Season 2” looks way better than the first!!!

Oh hell yeah! Oct. will be a great month for TV. “Walking Dead” and then “Dexter”!!! WOOT! I’m very excited for both shows! The “Walking Dead – Season 2” trailer you see here was shown at San Diego Comic Con which is happening this weekend.

Enjoy. The trailer is a good long 4 minutes or over with plenty of great footage! Man, I can’t wait! Psyched! Love this fucking show!


Report: Stephen King in talks to write an episode for “The Walking Dead” Season 2…


At this year’s “C2e2” (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) convention in Chicago, Laurie Holden who plays Andrea in “The Walking Dead” spoke at the IGN panel. She revealed some big news that the master of horror, Stephen King will write an episode for “The Walking Dead” Season 2 which is pretty exciting news. It’s no surprise to me that Stephen King could be a fan of the show ’cause I figure he would be.

It’s nice to see that “The Walking Dead” TV series finally picked up Stephen King to do something for the series. The series could use a writer like Stephen. He could make an episode that would actually be very scary.

See the full story here, at IGN.

As you can see in the video, they reveal some plot points for Season 2. Season 2 will start off right after where Season 1 ended. The main focus of the story will be about Andrea, she will deal with the aftermath of her suicide attempt from the CDC building explosion in the episode, “TS-19”. The article says she will have feuds with Dale and Shane. Rick Grimes and his friends will go travel to Hershell’s Farm, probably another place for safety for them away from the walkers. The article also says the next season will get darker and more gruesome. So I can’t wait!!!

I’d like to see John Carpenter or George A. Romero direct an episode for Season 2, maybe even Rob Zombie. I hope Season 2 will be good and won’t disappoint. I’m sure it will be just as good as the first season.


“The Walking Dead” Season 2 predictions…

So I’ve been watching, “The Walking Dead” Season 1 DVD all week. So far, I’ve watched 4 episodes of it already, I’ll probably watch the last two tonight. I love this series. It’s one Tv show, I can watch over and over again, never get tired of it. The series is that addicting. I just can’t wait for Season 2 later this year. The previews of “Season 2” said, the main focus will be on the love triangle between Rick, Lori, and Shane.

I’m not sure I did this post before already, but who cares, I’ll do it again.

My predictions for “The Walking Dead Season 2”, what I think will happen.

  • Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker’s character) is still alive, not a walker yet – When Rick and his gang found Merle gone and his hand was left behind, I think it’s obvious that Merle sawed off his own hand with the hacksaw, and escaped just before the walkers came and killed, Merle. So I think Merle will definitely return for Season 2. When Merle returns for Season 2, he’s going to be one pissed man for sure. Merle and his brother will team up to get revenge on Rick and his friends.
  • That mysterious helicopter gets revealed – The mysterious helicopter that was only shown once in the very first episode, the pilot of the helicopter will probably get revealed. Does the pilot actually help Rick or is another villain? I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know. Don’t want to know until I find out next season.
  • The Rick, Shane, and Lori love triangle – We all know Shane and Lori (Rick’s wife) had a brief affair in the first season. The show is doing a good job, not letting Rick know about it yet. Will Rick finally find out in Season 2? Lori seems to be keeping her affair with Shane a secret all along, and maybe Rick will find out. It might be possible that Lori could get pregnant again with Shane being the father, and that’s how Rick is going to find out.
  • Another one of Rick’s friends will get turned into a walker – Jim and Amy were both infected, and turned into a walker from the last Season. Who’s going to be next? It might be Shane. Dale might be a possibility too.
  • Will the whole walker (or zombie) thing be over with and the people can go back to normal lives? – Again, I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know how this ends. I wonder how they’re going go back to the life they once had before the apocalypse?
  • Rick loses Lori and she’s a walker – It would make an interesting twist if Rick loses Lori. It would also show the emotional side of him and it would be a sad and heartbreaking part of the whole story. He just couldn’t kill Lori even if she’s a walker, just like that black guy from the first episode couldn’t kill his own wife.

That’s all I can think of for now. I just hope Season 2 will be just as good and doesn’t go downhill. We’ll wait and see. Season 2 will air on AMC in Oct.


Report: “The Walking Dead” to hit DVD/Blu Ray on March 6th!!!

“The Walking Dead” fans, get ready to mark your calendars, because the hit TV show is coming to DVD/Blu Ray on March 6th!

See, the Hollywood Reporter, here.

I will sure be getting my own copy! I’ll be getting it on DVD. I don’t collect Blu Ray’s yet. While Blu Ray is impressive, I like to watch movies on DVD better. Whenever DVD gets off the market, then I’ll start collecting Blu Ray. DVD will be around for a while longer though.

I’m disappointed that we have to wait for another year or two for “Season 2” of the show.


“The Walking Dead” Episode 6 – “TS-19” Season Finale review (major spoilers)

So I watched the last episode of “The Walking Dead”, season finale titled, “TS-19”. This post will include some major spoilers so if you haven’t seen this episode yet. Don’t read this post.

First things first, I was pretty impressed with Season 1. There wasn’t one episode that I didn’t hate. I loved them all. This is indeed the best show on television. Last night’s finale was just great. Most TV shows have bad writing, but not this one. The writing is really good which makes the show so entertaining and watchable. The actors did a great job, but I was most impressed with Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea. Laurie Holden is such a talented actress and so mind blowing, that I think she definitely deserves a Golden Globe award for best TV actress for this show.

On with the episode, the show is turning out to be a mix of horror, suspense, drama, and science fiction, all into one. This episode will explain in detail of how live humans transform themselves into the living dead, which they call them, “walkers’ in the show. Rick Grimes and the rest of the cast, hide out from the walkers at the CDC building for protection and safety, which the building is owned by Dr. Jenner who is the only one left alive in the building. Jenner invites the cast into the building for showers, food, drinks, and hospitality. Later in the episode, Jenner explains the cast how live humans turn into dead “walkers”. He explains that everything inside the human body shuts down, and explains how the TS-19 experiment restarts the brainstem, and the human brain doesn’t come back. Jenner later explains that the electricity and water will run out, when it does, the building will automatically self destruct in 30 minutes. The cast wants to leave the building, but Jenner locks them in, warning them if they go out there, they will be killed by the walkers, so he thinks they are better off dying in there. Of course, the cast disagrees, they get scared and want to survive still, so they force Dr. Jenner to open the door which he did. Everyone leaves the CDC building except for Jacqui who stays in with Dr. Jenner. Dr. Jenner refuses to go outside because he made a promise to his wife who also died and was turned into a walker. The episode ends with the CDC building exploding with Jacqui and Jenner being left inside.

One thing I left out, is when the Shane and Lori relationship continues when Rick is not around. Shane has an obsessive crush on Lori (Rick’s wife), but the love triangle continues without Rick knowing about their relationship. Question is what will happen between Lori and Shane in Season 2? Will the two actually fall in love and Lori splits with Rick? Or will Rick confront Shane about it?

I was expecting another cast member to die and turn into a zombie but that didn’t happen. They already lost Amy, a few episodes back so they don’t need to lose another one this soon. In Season 2, I am predicting a few things. I have a feeling that Michael Rooker’s character, Merle Dixon, is still alive and not a walker yet. I think Merle sawed off his own hands just to get out of that building alive and Merle might return for Season 2, to get back at Rick for revenge. I also have a feeling that another major character will turn into a walker in Season 2. I think Rick himself will turn into a zombie at some point, but not right away. I think there’s a chance that Shane might get turned into one in Season 2.

I can’t wait for Season 2, and I will buy season 1 when it hits DVD, so I can watch the 6 episodes all over again. This is a very well done show. I wish there could be more good TV shows like this.


Brock praises the “Walking Dead” episode 3, it was better than the first two!!!

Wow!!!! I’m so blown away by the “Walking Dead” TV series so far as I have now caught up with the show last night. Saw the second and third episode on AMC last night. The episode “Guts” the second one was pretty good, but the third one, “Tell Them To the Frogs” was the best one yet! Over the years, most TV shows are crap and once in a while, a good TV show comes around. The “Walking Dead” is the best show on television. George A. Romero should take note on how to do the zombie thing ’cause Frank Darabont does it better.

The third episode had a good storyline and good acting with all cast members, especially to Michael Rooker, who plays the bad guy, and I was impressed with his acting the most. You would recognize Michael Rooker from the Stallone movie, “Cliffhanger”, which he is well known for. Michael Rooker plays Merie, who is an expert gunman and he hangs on the roof of a building shooting zombies with a sniper gun. When Rick Grimes and his friends reach the top of the building to hide from the chasing zombies, Michael Rooker’s character, Merie started harassing him and his friends, then he gets handcuffed by Rick and the gang just left him there, to go back to the camp site where Rick reunites with his wife and son there. While there, a bit of a love triangle soap opera starts between, Shane, Lori, and Rick. Shane and Lori had an affair together while Rick was out hunting zombies in the city trying to survive (Lori was Rick’s wife). Rick haven’t confronted Shane about Lori yet, but he will soon, I’m sure.

The “Walking Dead” is my new obsession and I’ll be watching every Sunday for sure. As you all know, I love horror and zombie fiction is my favorite. Out of all the horror TV shows from the past: “Tales from the Crypt”, “Tales From the Darkside”, etc. I would say, “Walking Dead” is the best horror TV show by far. It’s really shocking that AMC would air a show that is really bloody, and gory. The show won’t air nudity of course, but at least they don’t cut out the swearing and blood & guts.

You gotta wonder what Stephen King thinks about this show. I’m sure he is watching too. Stephen King will probably speak about the show soon when he writes to Entertainment Weekly again. Can’t wait to hear his thoughts!


Brock reviews the “Walking Dead” TV show…

“The Walking Dead” a new TV horror fiction show, have been so popular on the web lately. Other people have talked me into watching the show myself. So I saw the first episode on the AMC website, and was pretty impressed. As you all know, “The Walking Dead” TV show was adapted from the black and white comic books that were around back in 2003. Yes, the storyline of some guy waking up and finding the world being taken over by zombies have been told so many times in various styles. I think AMC does their version perfectly. There have been so many horror TV shows in the past but most of them have been garbage. The first episode was really creepy and scary. It was also bloody and gory. Something that would been shown on the big screen, not the small screen. So it’s really weird that AMC is able to show these things. “The Walking Dead” was really good, I was very impressed by it all around.  I think Andrew Lincoln is a great actor. Frank Darabont, the legendary director is the one who created this show. Consider me a new fan of “The Walking Dead”. I’ll be watching every Sunday night. I’m going to try to watch episode 2 of “Walking Dead” to catch up before Sunday, the new episode. So I now watch two different new prime time drama shows on TV, “The Event” on NBC, and now, “The Walking Dead” on AMC. If you seriously like, George A Romero and zombie fiction, of course, you would love this. This is an awesome show, definitely check it out. I can see why it’s so popular!