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Report: And Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s opponent for May 5th is…

Miguel Cotto.

Manny Pac rejected Floyd’s challenge again, but my question is, why won’t Manny fight Floyd? Why is boxing keeping these two away from each other? Manny shouldn’t be afraid to fight Floyd and I’m sure Floyd is calling Manny a coward right now.

Miguel Cotto looks like a pretty tough dude. Looking at his record, he only has two losses. Hopefully, Miguel has what it takes to end Floyd’s undefeated streak. I doubt Miguel will beat Floyd ’cause it will probably be another victory for Floyd again. Floyd will figure out a way to beat him.

I won’t be watching this fight ’cause I don’t watch boxing anymore as much as I used to. If Miguel can actually beat Floyd, that would be amazing but I don’t think it’ll happen.

Even though I don’t watch boxing anymore, I still like the sport and still respect it.


BREAKING NEWS: Sly is in the Boxing Hall of Fame! WOW!!!!!

Well I never saw this one coming!!! A Hollywood actor in the Boxing All of Fame? Is this for real? Yes it is, and the proof is right here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sly must be thrilled to be inducted in the same year as Mike Tyson! So you ask, how can a Hollywood actor be inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame, when he’s not even a real life boxer but an actor? Well the answer is simple he contributed to a lot of it in boxing. He helped promote boxing and helped make it to what it is today. With the 6 Rocky films he has done and, “The Contender”, TV show he did, that’s good enough for being eligible to the Hall of Fame. This blog, here, does a good job explaining how Sly made it.

Some may wonder why Sly never became a real life professional fighter in his past, but instead he does it in the movies. I think the reason is, he once said over at “Aint It Cool News” during one of his Q&A’s, he admitted he wouldn’t be good at it for real, so he did it for the big screen instead. He does know some boxing obviously as he has been trained for it for the movies. So he knows a lot about it. Sly not a real life boxer? I would say, of course he is. Congratulations to Sly, and I’m just very happy for him, and it’s very well deserved! Whether you agree with it or not, Sly is a huge part of boxing and that’s why he got in! Seriously, I had a huge smile on my face when I heard this news! ๐Ÿ™‚


Thought: James Toney vs. Randy Couture prediction…

I have been following this James Toney vs. Randy Couture feud online, and I must say, it’s even funnier than the Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin feud. Boxing legend James Toney has been signed to UFC to fight Randy Couture. James Toney has been obsessed with wanting to fight Randy Couture for a long time and Dana White gave him what he wanted. James Toney is a BOXER. Not a mixed martial artist. I repeat, a BOXER. Randy Couture has YEARS of mixed martial arts experience.

My opinion, that I think James Toney is challenging the wrong guy. Randy Couture would fucking destroy Toney. Toney might be able to throw a few hard punches at Randy, yes, but the fight will be over quickly once Toney gets a takedown by Couture, and Couture will give him the chokehold to end the fight. Randy Couture is well known for the chokehold. Randy Couture may seem like a nice, friendly and down to earth guy, but in reality, Randy is a monster when it comes to fighting.

Toney thinks he will beat Couture, which is hilarious. Toney thinks he will be successful in UFC. That’s how boxers are, delusional and they have huge egos as well. Why did Dana White agree to sign Toney even if Toney don’t have much MMA experience? I bet the only reason is to help PPV buyrates. Dana didn’t sign Toney because Toney is talented.

So of course, my money on who to win this fight is Randy Couture. Randy is a favorite fighter of mine and looking forward to seeing him fight again.

UFC 118 looks like a great card. I’m looking forward to seeing Edgar vs. Penn again too.


Brock will watch the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight tonight on PPV, instead of UFC 103…

I thought about watching tonight’s “UFC 103” ppv, but then I thought….nah, I think I’m going to watch the HBO boxing ppv tonight instead. The hyped “Mayweather vs. Marquez” fight is tonight and I’m very curious about it.

I’m not much of a boxing fan either.

Shall be an interesting boxing fight, and I think Mayweather is going to lose.