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Report: Kiss, LL Cool J, Chilli Peppers, Genesis, etc. nominated for the Rock Hall of Fame…

New nominations for this year’s “Rock Hall of Fame” in Cleveland, Ohio has been announced this year. This year nominations includes the legends Kiss, LL Cool J, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Genesis, The Hollies, and Laura Nyro.

The Associated Press reports:


Me thinks, Kiss will get in no matter what. So will the Chilli Peppers and LL Cool J. Genesis will definitely get in.

I don’t know about Laura Nyro though, I don’t even know who that is.

If Genesis finally does get inducted, I wonder if Peter Gabriel will be part of that induction since he was the first frontman of that band before Phil Collins? I’m sure they’ll let Peter be part of this. I don’t see why not?

So you ask, LL Cool J is not rock, he is strictly rap and hip hop, how does he get nominated? I’m willing to bet the song “Mama Said Knock You Out”, is what got him the nomination, that tune is kind of like a rock song.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thoughts: Really great show!!!

I watched the entire “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” on TV last night and I was very surprised. The show was one of the best ” Rock Hall of Fame” shows in a very long time. The “Hall of Fame” has been crap the last couple of years, but this year was surprisingly good. I enjoyed all the inductees this year and the speeches and performances were great.

Wanda Jackson was incredible.

Eminem gave an amazing speech on Run-DMC, his speech about the legendary rap group was very heart warming.

The Jimmy Page speech was very brief and short, he didn’t talk long on stage at all, but Jeff Beck’s speech was good though. Jeff was honest that even he admits that he’s not big enough to be in the Hall of Fame, and admits that he doesn’t deserve to be inducted. Jeff Beck’s live performance was fucking amazing and mind blowing though.

Flea gave a hilarious and great speech about Metallica. Metallica’s acceptance speech was amazing too. Cliff Burton’s father was on stage and Cliff’s mother was out in the audience watching the band get inducted. You had to feel sorry for Cliff’s mother ’cause she was crying the whole time wishing her son was alive and on stage to experience the amazing moment. It was great to see Jason Newsted again. I loved seeing Jason and Rob jamming together. I was surprised they picked “Master of Puppets”, then of course they played, “Enter Sandman” after. Metallica an incredible performance at the Hall of Fame, now I really can’t wait to see them live in Albany in Nov.

Music fans out there really need to stop hating and bashing the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” so much. The reason the “Hall of Fame” is here in Cleveland is to honor these legendary musicians of the music they gave us here in the music industry. They deserve the celebration and the honor. If you disrespect legendary musicians and bands, then you have no idea what music is all about what so ever, and you have no right to be a music fan in the first place.

The Hall of Fame is a really special thing. If you hate the “Hall of Fame” so much, that’s just a clear sign that you wish you were a “Hall of Famer” musician and that you will never be there. Every musician that got inducted last night gave advice to other musicians that if you want to be a “Hall of Famer”, you have to believe in your music and stay focus on your dreams, ’cause yes, dreams coming true can be possible.

You have to love and care for your music no matter what happens to you in your life. Your family and friends may think you’re crazy, and delusional that you want to be famous for your music, but if you don’t listen to what anybody else thinks and do what makes you happy, you could be a famous musician down the road.

That’s how all these musicians and bands made the Hall of Fame. They believed in themselves and their music. They came a long road to get here. I loved last night’s “Hall of Fame” show, it was great all the way through.

A few videos from last night. The Metallica performances. Enjoy.


Tonight’s “Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame” looks to be a killer show, way better than last years!!!!

Tonight’s performances for the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” ceremony are being rehearsed right now as you read this, and the surprise, super star jams are already being planned out.

Billboard reports that Flea and Jimmy Page will jam along to “The Train Kept a Rolling” and “Jailhouse Rock” which will close the show for the night. Special guest performers for those songs will be…Wanda Jackson, Ron Wood, Jeff Beck, Bobby Womack, Lil Anthony and the Imperials, and Paul Shaffer (famed keyboardist from the David Letterman show).

Billboard reports:


Wow! Looking forward to it! Can’t wait to see it tonight!


Report: Dave Mustaine explains why he turned down the Hall of Fame invitation…

Megadeth’s main man, Dave Mustaine, reveals the real reason why he turned down the Rock Hall of Fame invitation. While the major Megadeth tour is part of the reason why he turned it down, he drops the bombshell that the main reason why he declined ’cause he also wanted to be inducted since he used to be a member of Metallica. I think Dave is making a lot of sense. I agree with him.

More on it here:


I love Metallica and all but the dudes leaving Mustaine out of the induction is pretty lame. He never played on a Metallica record but Dave was one of the first guitarists of the band. That’s a good enough reason that Dave deserves to be inducted with the band too, but I guess that’s what happens when James and Lars’s egos gets in the way. 


Report: Run-DMC will NOT perform at Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Saturday night…why? Read on to find out…

Run-DMC announced they will not perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow night. The reason? One of their members, DJ Jam Master Jay, was murdered in a shooting back in 2002. The other two surviving members, Run Simmons and DMC McDaniels made a vow they will never perform without DJ Jam. They still stick to that rule. However, Run and DMC will both participate in person to be inducted by Eminem.

Rollingstone reports:


That’s kind of too bad they won’t be performing, I was hoping they would but it’s understandable if they don’t want to do it under their friend’s death.

Eminem to perform on stage and cover a Run-DMC song? It’s possible…


Report: Jason Newsted and Rob Trujillo bass jam session at the Hall of Fame???

Well, former Metallica bassist, Jason Newsted is confirmed to play as a “Black Album” band with Metallica at the Hall of Fame this Saturday night. At first it was just going to be Jason Newsted, and Rob was just going to watch the band in the audience. Instead, both Jason and Rob will be jamming with Metallica. They are not saying if Jason and Rob will both play separately, playing different songs or if they will both jam on bass together…or it could be both. Sounds like the boys in Metallica is not giving away any surprises and secrets about their performance.

More on it here:


Aaawww man, Rob and Jason jamming together on stage would be fuckin’ awesome! I hope it happens!

At the end of Saturday’s Hall of Fame show, I’m sure there will be a huge super star jam like there is at every Hall of Fame show every year. The boys in Metallica jamming on stage with Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and even Run DMC could rap along with them too? Remember, Run DMC covered Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” once. 🙂