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Hillary is sick, her health is getting worse and she shouldn’t even be running for prez anyways…

I didn’t watch all of the Dem Debate last night but I just caught the very end after watching a movie last night. I decided to tune in to the Dem Debate on CNN just to see what’s going on for laughs alone. Am I seeing things correctly? It seems that Hillary’s health is getting worse and she clearly showed that last night on CNN. Hillary speaking very hoarse and she wasn’t speaking clearly at all. Her throat didn’t sound too well at all when she speaks and I’m sure you noticed that too. Plus after her closing statement last night, I caught her coughing again before they went off the air.

My question is why won’t the media be realistic about her health? Is that why she was late showing up after commercial break during that one debate? She was in the bathroom taking her meds and coughing her head off?

Once again, people would think she has a cold but she doesn’t. Colds don’t last this long as I really think Hillary is in the beginning stages of some kind of “cancer”, no doubt. Hillary is sick and running for president? Wow. She shouldn’t even be running at all. Give it time. Hillary will get forced to drop out when her health gets worse. Even though she’s doing well in election and she’s probably gonna win the Democrat nominee, she’s gonna have to drop out anyway due to her health.

Her doctors probably advised her not to run for prez but she didn’t listen to them. She’s desperate is why she’s still running. Hillary is such a bitch and a cunt and she really showed that last night too. Bernie Sanders a whackjob like usual.

Give it time… one day Hillary will get the ambulance called on her and she’ll be carried out in a stretcher before you know it. She hasn’t been feeling well since after the Benghazi attack happened, maybe long before that. If she’s been sick for this long then she’s in the beginning stages of cancer for sure. She’s definitely sick, it’s obvious. It’s just that the media won’t be honest about it.


Funny how Bernie Sanders and his army of supporters wanna talk women’s rights… seriously?

Each time somebody wants to talk Bernie Sanders and women’s rights, show them that above. I’m sure libtards know about Bernie’s 1972 rape essay and I’m sure they all read it too. They just ignored it and continued to support him anyway.

The Bernie Sanders crowd is rotten and delusional. I can’t stand the Bernie Sanders crowd just like I can’t stand the Ted Cruz crowd.

I know I show the 1972 rape essay a lot but I’m not afraid to show it again just to show that Bernie and his army of supporters are a bunch of losers. I can’t stand all the Bernie love fest in facebook.

I didn’t bother watching the Dem debate last night ’cause I had better things to do and better things to watch on TV. I can’t stand Bernie and his annoying speaking voice. I’m like, libtards really love this guy? Bernie will never be president that’s for sure. Neither will Hillary. I only watched one Dem Debate and that was enough for me. It’s really crazy how the left worships these liberal politicians and they don’t realize how crazy & dumb their policies are. Liberals really are uneducated and dumb. Them voting Barack Obama twice proves that.

Liberals shouldn’t accuse the right of supporting wrong people when they should look at themselves. Hypocrites.


Hillary late at debate ’cause she didn’t want to share bathroom with Martin O’ Malley staffer…

Hillary didn’t want to share bathroom with Martin O’ Malley staffer ’cause she was worried what the staffer would see and the staffer would have reported it to O’Malley himself. Then whatever Hillary was doing in the bathroom would have been all over the media if the staffer knew what Hillary was doing in there.

What was Hillary hiding that she didn’t want people to see? She had to be hiding something. Doing drugs? Taking meds? She has a penis? Was she doing it with her lesbian girlfriend, Huma Abedin in the stalls?

All joking aside, she’s definitely hiding something, no doubt. Probably had something to do with her bad health.



Why was Hillary late at debate? Probably backstage taking her meds I bet…

I didn’t watch the Dem Debate ’cause I’m done with them pretty much but I find this to be interesting though. After the first commercial break, Hillary was a no show at the podium. The moderators of ABC news wasted no time and continued the debate without her.

She showed up late. Of course, this wasn’t the first time she did this.


I’m sure the libtard media would defend her reasons but I’m almost pretty sure it had something to do with her health. Probably backstage taking her meds so she can calm herself down and stuff, ya know?

Yeah, it’s unprofessional for her to do that but no matter how unprofessional she gets, you know people are gonna love her and she’s gonna win the nomination no matter what happens.

I agree with James Woods. Even if she never showed up at any of the debates, she would win the election anyways.

I really hate how this country has a huge hardon for the Clintons. Why does this country treat the Clintons as if they’re Kate Middleton and Prince William? It’s all fucking bullshit if you ask me.