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Thought: It’s all about MJ, but what about Farrah?

Wow, it’s here already. The 1 year anniversary death of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both who died on June 25th of 2009. It still feels like it happened yesterday. I’m looking at the media and all they’re talking about is Michael Jackson’s 1 year anniversary death and there will be a huge MJ celebration Friday. Hello people! Did you forget somebody?

Remember, Farrah Fawcett died the same day that morning. How could people forget?

MJ maybe a pop icon, but that’s it, he’s an icon. Not that legendary. Farrah is the true legend. If Michael Jackson didn’t die on the same day Farrah did, then Farrah’s anniversary death would be all over the media instead. Farrah’s more of a legend than Michael would ever be. It’s the fucking truth, too.

So why isn’t Farrah getting a god damn mention at all this week? Do you see the media paying respects to Farrah at all this week? No. I don’t see it anywhere. It’s all Michael, Michael, Michael, all the time. Farrah is the real legend here. Friday will be all about Michael all day long. Farrah will get ignored. That’s okay though, at least Farrah can rest peacefully.


Why no Farrah in “In Memoriam” at the Oscars?

Other than Sandra Bullock winning for Best Actress being a dissapointment, here’s another one. Farrah was left off the “In Memoriam” tribute. Most would know Farrah as a TV star but she has starred in Hollywood films such as “Logan’s Run”, “Cannonball Run”, “Dr. T and the Women” and more.

It was good that Brittany Murphy was mentioned though. I didn’t think Brittany would get mentioned.


Well, at least the media can let Farrah rest in peace…

The point of the title of this topic, if Michael Jackson never died today, Farrah would have been all over the news today and not Michael. So it’s obvious, Michael’s death spotlight took over Farrah’s. Notice how the media is ignoring Farrah’s death?

“Weird Al” Yankovic have to be very upset and devastated about MJ’s death. Al Yankovic was an obsessive fan of his, he already parodied two of MJ’s songs. “Fat”, and “Eat It”. I’m sure Al Yankovic would post something about MJ on weirdal.com soon.


Edit to add: Yep, “Weird Al” is upset, he twittered it already…


Maybe Al will do a Michael Jackson homage style parody like he did to the Doors?

Report: “Farrah’s Story” will just keep filming, Ryan O’ Neal says…

Beats me as to why Farrah and her family wants to make her tough times public for the whole world to see. If you think NBC should leave her family alone and let them be in private, this documentary wasn’t up to NBC. Farrah and her family wanted this entire thing to be filmed. Ryan O’ Neal went to NBC to make this happen.

As long as they don’t video tape her death on camera and air it, imagine how much controversy that would create? I don’t think they’ll video tape her death for TV, I don’t think NBC would allow something like that, anyways.

I think the reason for video taping everything is to give people a wake up call about cancer. I don’t think Farrah and her family is out there to get attention, I think they want to inspire other people with cancer  or save people from getting cancer.

More on it here:


Hollywood is probably waiting to do a Farrah Fawcett biopic film, they might be waiting for her death first and then they’ll make it happen. I don’t mean to sound crazy, but this is how Hollywood media works these days.


Brock watches Farrah Fawcett documentary on NBC last night…

Yep, I watched “Farrah’s Story” last night on NBC and thought it was the most saddest thing I ever seen in a long time. Farrah, the former “Charlie’s Angels” TV star, is dying of cancer.

The ending was really heartbreaking, when Ryan O’ Neal brought his jailed son in handcuffs Redmond O’ Neal to visit his dying mom. Yes, the police gave Redmond permission to get out of jail for a little while so he can go visit his mom. That one scene in the documentary was really sad. That documentary last night was all real stuff, I don’t think it was scripted so it can create drama TV. Farrah is really dying of cancer and it’s sad that she’s going to be gone soon.

Prayers go out to Farrah and her family.