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Report: “Inglorious Bastards” to finally start filming in October…

After years of hard work of writing the script to the WWII epic “Inglorious Bastards”, Tarantino plans to finally start production of the film in October. Tarantino has made a deal with Harvey and Bob Weinstein with the Weinstein Co. to finance, distribute, and market the movie worldwide. So expect this to be a huge box office blockbuster!

Tarantino is still keeping casting underwraps, but I think he’s keeping quiet about the casting to surprise all of us.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Although Sly, Bruce and Arny aren’t confirmed for this movie yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if those three action stars are already signed for this film.

With Brad Pitt possibly in the cast, I think John Travolta would be a great addition too.

I think Tarantino’s goal with this film is to have an entire cast full of big name mega stars. I really do hope Sly gets a role in this film, all of Sly’s fans wants him in this film and we all know this is a perfect film for Sly. Sly Stallone better not turn this one down!


Report: Brad Pitt to star in “Inglorious Bastards”?

Quentin Tarantino is not wasting any time on “Inglorious Bastards” and he already started working on the casting. This article claims that it is confirmed that Tarantino is in talks with Brad Pitt to star the lead in the epic WWII flick “Inglorious Bastards”.

So does this mean that Brad will join Sly, Bruce and Arny in this flick?

More on it here:


This doesn’t mean that Brad Pitt is confirmed, they are just “talking” about it. But with Brad having twins with Angelina on the way, that kind of worries me that he will probably turn it down. Although it would be cool if Brad signed on to this movie.


Report: “Inglorious Bastards” confirmed to be two seperate films…

Ain’t It Cool exclusively reported that Quentin Tarantino’s long awaited World War II epic “Inglorious Bastards” will be two seperate films. Tarantino spent years and years writing the script, since having finally finishing the script, the film will be too long so they had no choice but to make it two. While Tarantino has announced he will start production on the film after all these years, he is still keeping the casting under wraps.

It is still being rumoured to this day that Sylvester Stallone has been signed to play the leading role in “Inglorious Bastards”, Sly and Quentin both has denied it.

Aint It Cool reports:


If Sly Stallone is not in this movie at all, then I won’t see it in theater. Seriously. This movie has Sylvester Stallone written all over it, everyone wants to see him in this film. Quentin and Sly should give what the public wants and let Stallone star in it. Everyone knows this is a perfect project for Sly that’s why he’s been rumoured to be in this for a long time. I hope Quentin gets Sly for this.

It’s no secret Quentin is a huge fan of Sly’s work. Quentin has been trying to get Sly Stallone for his movies for a long time. In many of Quentin’s interviews, I remember Quentin saying he tried to get Sly for movies like “Reservoir Dogs”, “Jackie Brown” and “Pulp Fiction” but Sly either turned them all down or wasn’t available when Quentin tried to ask him. I’m sure you Quentin fans all know that Quentin talks about Sly in interviews all the time.



Report: Quentin Tarantino confirms to film “Inglorious Bastards” next…

Iconic film director Quentin Tarantino plans to start filming his long awaited World War II film “Inglorious Bastards” very soon. He plans to release it next year and debut the film at Cannes 2009.

For a long time now, rumours have been swirling that four iconic actors Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Adam Sandler were signed as the leading stars of the war film but Tarantino has denied hiring them ever since.

Stallone himself once hinted on “Ain’t It Cool” website that he’d be willing to work with Tarantino for “Inglorious Bastards” but Sly got too tied up with the new Rocky and Rambo around those times.

The question is who is Tarantino plan on casting the leading roles for “Inglorious Bastards”?

More on the story here:


I’d say Tarantino should get Sly Stallone. Maybe Bruce Willis too. Sly and Bruce in an action movie together is what I always wanted.

I doubt Tarantino would get Arnold but since Sly Stallone is finally back home from promoting the new “Rambo” overseas, it’s time for Sly to get a new project and I think working with Tarantino would be perfect for Sly. I always wanted to see Sly in a war film. Tarantino already worked with Bruce Willis a few times in the past before so I don’t see why not have Bruce for this movie too.

Bring on “Inglorious Bastards”, Quentin!