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Congrats to William Shatner, he absolutely deserved that… real happy for him!

William Shatner played an outer space superhero named Cpt. James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series. He played the character for three seasons in the original Star Trek TV series and he played the character for 6 big screen Star Trek movies and after that he played Cpt. Kirk once more for “Star Trek: Generations” which is a Star Trek: TNG spin off in which he teams up with Cpt. Picard in that film.

After all these years of playing Cpt. Kirk he never got to travel to space until now. Jeff Bezos is a die-hard Star Trek fan and he’s been trying to do something with William Shatner for a while and finally Bezos gave Shatner the opportunity to fly into space which happened earlier today.

Yeah, I did watch it live on the internet which was cool. As I was watching Shatner before lift-off, I was amazed how excited and thrilled he was looking but at the same time he was looking very nervous and a little scared. He admitted he was scared after it was all over with, though.

When it was over and he got out of the capsule safely and unhurt, he walked straight to Jeff Bezos to describe the experience which he totally deserved that to. The man deserved to tell his story but those other asshole people were celebrating loudly and interrupting Shatner’s speech… even Jeff was rude to Shatner a little bit. It’s like… come on… grow the hell up… stop celebrating like little kids and let him tell his story, those rude idiots!!!

Anyway, Shatner tried to describe what was it like travelling to space and described what it was like in space. Ya know, outer space isn’t like what you see in Star Trek at all. You know how in Star Trek when they fly all those ships and stars fly past and you see all kinds of lights and planets? All that’s a bunch of baloney… space don’t look like that at all as you all you’re gonna see when you get out there is nothing but “black”. No flying stars, no weird planets with multiple moons and none of that silly stuff like you see in the sci-fi films.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan, I’ve seen the original Trek TV show and seen all the Trek films so yeah, I’m a huge William Shatner fan and have been for years honestly.

I was proud and happy for him myself and he totally deserved that. Shatner did that ’cause he wanted to see what space was like himself after hearing about space for so many years which is what he’s mostly known for, a “sci fi” guy.

I mean, Shatner’s fucking 90 and he might as well do something huge ’cause you never know when he’s gonna go, ya know? You can only live once. May as well do something huge to cross off your bucket list. I’m sure Shatner wanted to do that for a long time.

I’m not a fan of that Bezos guy myself but what he did was cool. Congrats, Bill!



Trump meets a bunch of big name tech people but Mark Zuckerberg is a no-show…


As you can see in this pic… these are all big name tech people who visited the White House earlier today in D.C. Almost everyone in this pic  have smiles on their faces except for Tim Cook (who is CEO/Chairman of Apple) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon). Those two guys don’t seem to enjoy being in the same room with Trump at all. They don’t seem to enjoy their day spending some time in the historic White House.

Another thing, where’s Mark Zuckerberg? This meeting would have fit him perfectly but he’s a no-show. I’m sure the Trump admin. asked him to come but he probably said no, my bets are on it. You can throw Bill Gates in there too.

Each time Trump has world leaders, business CEO’s and tech people visit the White House… they always have huge smiles on their faces. Have you noticed that? Why is that, you may ask? It’s because Trump is a great guy. Don’t listen to the media. Trump must be a fun and enjoyable guy to be with that’s why you see smiles on people’s faces when they meet him. Trump is a good guy, period. Anyone who thinks he’s a bad man is probably brainwashed by Fake News MSM.