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President Trump is finally gonna fight back at the swamp and people are going to prison soon!

Welp, looks like President Trump is no longer playing games and he’s fed up with all the corruption in DC. He finally can’t take anymore of it and he’s finally fighting back. It’s about fucking time too!

Hopefully, Obama and others in the swamp will be going to prison very soon. Also, hopefully Jeff Sessions actually does his job and drains the swamp. Was Hillary involved in the spying of the Trump campaign? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was. Either way, she could be on her way to prison soon over the e-mail server and Trump also called her out about that on twitter.

Trump has been on fire on twitter over the weekend. This is why we elected him ’cause he thinks the same way we all do.

Hopefully Sessions will work on Trump with this. I don’t really trust Sessions either ’cause I believe he is part of the swamp. Will Sessions actually do something about corruption in DC? We’ll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.


Did NBC just turned on Hillary? It seems so… they wrote article destroying her about Uranium One investigation…

Finally, NBC did some real journalism here. This is when the media finally stops being ass-kissers for Hillary and have no choice but to be realistic this time… about the Uranium One deal.

Hillary got away with so much shit over the years and I don’t see how she’s gonna get away with this one.


Can we finally lock her up please? Locking up Hillary has been one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises. While Trump and Jeff Sessions seems to get too friendly with her in the beginning, behind the scenes they’ve been secretly planning how they can get her prosecuted.

Hopefully she gets locked up soon. Lock up both, her and Obama over Uranium 1. Hopefully they actually do something about them.


Trump’s administration is already shaping up! Proves he really is more about “actions” than “words”!!!!

When Trump says people in government are all talk and no action, he really means it. All this proves is that Trump really is more about doing things and not talking about it. Trump’s new administration is really shaping up.

I love the choice of our new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is the freakin’ man!


As soon as Trump gets sworn in on Jan. 20th, get ready America! Trump is no joke. He’ll get to work right away, it’s gonna be overwhelming for the NeverTrump crowd. He’s gonna keep our new Congress busy, trust me on that.