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More about those two fake journalist beheading videos…

Sure enough, I’m already getting accused by certain idiots of getting things from politicians or radiohosts. No, my idea of those two “beheading videos being fake” didn’t come from them at all. Anybody with half a fuckin’ brain would KNOW right away those two videos are fake without anyone telling them. Those victims looked too calm. Not a hint of fear at all. The two victims and the British Isis member in the videos both definitely seem they were “acting” and reading off a script. Possibly reading off a teleprompter.

Like I said before, if you believe everything the media says or what the Obama administration says then I feel sorry for you. In those videos they didn’t show the actual beheading. No proof of their deaths either so there’s a few clues that people aren’t buying it.

Once again, if Obama is promoting it as “authentic”, it is probably a lie.


The two beheading videos of those journalists were fake…

If you believe that the beheading videos of James Foley and Steven Sotloff were real then you really are gullible.

If the Obama administration are promoting this as “authentic” there’s your proof that these videos are fake. Remember, anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth is a lie.

I think James and Steven are both still alive.

These two videos are definitely not real. Both were very bad film making… they look like they were filmed as low budget B movie films. The backgrounds of both videos aren’t real… they look green screen to me and the wind is fake too… possibly coming from a very large fan in a studio.

Anybody who believes those two beheading videos are real is a dumbass and I’m not afraid to say it.

The UK even confirmed this was staged so it’s not conspiracy theory.

If you believe everything that this administration puts out there, then I feel sorry for you. They maybe vowing to take down Isis but all they’re doing is trying to cover up that they were the ones who created Isis.

Anything that comes out of this administration is a lie. The last thing you wanna do is be quick at believing them and trusting them.


Isis releases another fake beheading video but Obama probably doesn’t have a strategy…

If Obama doesn’t care and he’s out golfing, vacationing, fund raising or whatever then it’s pretty clear that Obama has control of Isis. If Isis keep threatening America, then it shows even more that this is Obama’s intention. If you really believe that James Foley and Steven Sotloff were really beheaded then you’re gullible. If Obama won’t do anything about Isis, then that’s proof that Isis is his creation. If you truly don’t believe that Obama created Isis, then you’re no conservative that you think you are.