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Report: Stone Temple Pilots to release new album, May 24th…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots have already finished their new album and it’s ready for release. The album will have no title and it will be released this Spring, on May 24th.

Lets hope this is a good one and hope they return to their old grunge roots. I like STP a lot, but only their first two albums. I thought “Core” and “Purple” were both incredible and amazing records. Everything else the band did after those two albums weren’t that great.

I’ll get this album through Itunes when it’s out.



Report: Stone Temple Pilots still plan to record new album and then go on a long tour after…

STP has been one of my favorite bands for years, I still like ’em today. Scott Weiland, and the boys still have plans to record a new album which should be released sometime in 2010. The guys also plan to go on a long tour in support of it.

I’m certainly am looking forward to the new record. I hope their new record will be similar to their first one “Core”. It be nice if they go back to their roots, their grungy and heavy sound.

More on it here:



Report: Scott Weiland hangs out at Club Hot Shots in Glens Falls after a concert…

Stone Temple Pilots recently just played a concert at the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, N.Y. Right after the show, Scott Weiland decided to hang out at Club Hot Shots sports bar and restaurant for a bite to eat, a couple of drinks and to relax after a gig. While Weiland seems very nice to people, he was willing to pose pics and sign autographs for fans in the small club in Glens Falls.

Don’t believe me that Scott Weiland was there at Hot Shots? Here are a few pics to prove it, Scott is the one wearing the baseball cap with the white long hair…it was just Scott at Hot Shots…Dean, Robert, and Eric were not there.


Look like Hot Shots is starting to be a favorite bar hangout for famous rock stars when they play the Civic Center. Cool.

While Scott may be a druggie and alcoholic, he does seem like a real nice guy.


Report: Stone Temple Pilots respond to lawsuit filed by Atlantic records…

Stone Temple Pilots, the band themselves responded back publicily to the lawsuit filed by Atlantic Records, a longtime record label that has signed plenty of legendary acts on it’s roster including Led Zeppelin and others. Atlantic sued two members of the band Scott Weiland and drummer Eric Kretz. Dean and Robert Deleo were not sued. Scott and Eric are both being accused of trying to end their contract early with the label.

The band defended themselves by saying the label were discussing positive things about Stone Temple Pilots and says that this is the reason that today’s music industry is falling apart with more and more iconic bands parting ways with major labels.

Reuters reports:


What a bunch of assholes Atantic are, I’m on the Stone Temple Pilots side all the way. Atlantic will lose this, they have to prove how the band is trying to leave the label and Atlantic can’t prove that.



Cool Video: Stone Temple Pilots live on Jimmy Kimmel here…

If you missed the Stone Temple Pilots performance on Jimmy Kimmel like I did, Rollingstone.com has the video, they perform the songs “Vasoline” and “Trippin On a Hole In a Paper Heart”:


After the band’s long hiatus, they are still sounding great. Weiland still sings very well even though he’s still a drug addict and a drunk.

Their last TV performance was on the Jimmy Kimmel show way back in 2002.




Report: Stone Temple Pilots hopes to open for Led Zeppelin…

Stone Temple Pilots spoke with MTV News revealing why they reunited. The reason why they reunited is that the band hopes to open for Led Zeppelin. If Led Zeppelin confirms a full fledged world tour in the future, STP offers Led Zeppelin to contact the guys in STP if Led Zep ever needs an opening act.

MTV.com reports:


Who doesn’t want to open for Led Zeppelin? Anybody would, even I would.

Ever since Led Zeppelin reunited, it inspired more bands from the past to come back.

The latest band from the past to reunite recently was Janes Addiction.



Report: Stone Temple Pilots plans to go back in studio after tour…

Stone Temple Pilots spoke with Billboard that they want to head back into the studio to record a new 6th Stone Temple Pilots album after their summer tour later this year. They also plan to release a DVD of that Houdini Estate show in Los Angeles where they had their reunion debut.

Billboard reports:


Sweet news. Hopefully the new STP record will be tight and heavy. Old school grungy STP.

Ac/Dc, STP, Metallica, and Guns N’ Roses coming out with albums this year.

We may get a rock revolution after all!



Report: Stone Temple Pilots perform their first reunion gig in Los Angeles…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots played their first intimate reunion gig at a small club in Los Angeles. It is a club called the Harry Houdini Estate. They played the show last night actually.

Their setlist for that show was:

Big Empty



Lady Picture Show

Big Bang Baby

Interstate Love Song

Tripping On A Hole In a Paper Heart


Sounds like a good show. Lets hope the band goes back in the studio for a new album after their summer tour!


Report: Stone Temple Pilots announce a full time comeback…

Think the Stone Temple Pilots are just coming back for a summer tour only? Think again. The band will be playing much more shows than that. The band confirmed a full fledged tour playing in North America, they will play 65 dates.

The band will also launch a new website April 7th which is this coming Monday so fans can purchase concert tickets on their website.

NME.com reports:


Old bands from the past are coming back since after the Led Zeppelin reunion!

Will STP return to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. this summer?

If they do, I’ll definitely go. 🙂


Report: Stone Temple Pilots to perform on Jimmy Kimmel in May…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots will have their first TV appearance in many years and the episode will air May 2nd on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

From Blabbermouth.net:


I’ll have to tune into this to see what song they’re gonna do. It wouldn’t surprise me if it would be “Plush” or “Big Empty” so they can let the world know that the band is back.